“I love this job. I make money while I spend yours”

What a con-artist!  We already know about GWB’s tainted youth. Drugs, alcohol and other vices. His military service and business management success are something left to be desired. But can you believe the decider and his recent comments regarding Congresses bad money management.  The stunning arrogance to cast remarks as to the job performance or faults of anyone is beyond belief.  Does someone walk in to his room in the morning and say something like “Mr. Great One, Oh holy decider you are so gifted, please wake up and make the the great decisions for the world”

If we are to survive another year of this guy, Congress is going to have to stand up to him. Another 200 billion for this Oil deal in Iraq just cannot happen. I will be busy sending out faxes to every Senator and Congressman trying to remind them that if re-election is in their minds future, they had better start showing their worth which as we know has dropped like the DOW in recession. Their talk about shortening their work week is like a surrender to any hope of re-election. Replacing the whole group is a good idea to me.  I base that on the fact that there is a certain group of them that are way to bought and paid for by the big business lobbies who have undermined the good of the nation for the wealthy few. That’s the Bush/Cheney motto, by the way.  Some of these lawmakers are good and some are bad to the core. My philosophy is six years is too long for them not to get addicted to the money and power.  But these lawmakers who have been re-elected time and tme again.  You know, the Byrds, Kennedy’s, Warners, Hatch’s and Specter’s.  Then look at their wealth.  The easiest solution is to look at seniority, wealth and PAC money and spreadsheet those and vote them the hell out of office.

Some are getting so paranoid or disgusted they are getting out before the s–t hits the fan. Hagel, Allard, Warner and Domenici to name a few.  Warner and Hagel being republicans who have been outspoken on this administrations decisions and antics.  When GOP’s are doggin the Bush league, you know there’s something seriously wrong. I have known it since I lived in Texas, when Carter was elected. The Reagan election and Bush VP was the opening bell for my fight. What I had come to learn back then about the Bush clan, the Skull and Bones and all the CIA and big business involvement in global affairs was easy to piece together. Like a timeline beginning with Bush’s involvement with Kennedy’s assassination. LBJ, Gerald Ford and others knew the deal and we never got the straight on it and never will. Going forward I knew the War Machine had started the plan to control all global affairs through the UN, CFR, CIA, Pentagon, Israeli bases, making their efforts appear to be peaceful while all along they were actually controlling, profiting and creating all the worlds violence. They have all played a role in multiple assassinations here and abroad.

 It’s not like we had not seen false flag attacks designed to trigger these wars. It’s a technique as old as prostitution.  And it’s more profitable. Between the banking and finance, arms manufacturing, oil companies, pentagon, Israeli agenda, Halliburton, CIA, and bought and paid for US Government they have a great operation. Tie this all up and wrap it in pretty media biased reporting and propaganda wrapping paper and fearmongering ribbon and then put the pretty bow on top called patriotism and you have it.  The perfect gift for Satan himself.

How can we even consider electing Clinton after that amazingly inept debate in which you truly saw a career politician that cannot give a straight answer on the sensitive issues. If we had to endure eight years of her bulls–t we would surely find ourselves no better than where the Bush league has brought us.  Clinton’s and Bush’s the left and right wing of the same dirty bird.  The only difference is the GOPs want to control you by big corporate conglomerates and the Clinton’s want Americans dependent on government. Either way they want wealth power and you to be slaves to the system. Without liberty, freedoms, habeas corpus or hope.

death.jpgWell the bum has asked for 200 billion to continue his lives for oil campaign. Cheney has been quiet lately. I think he is working very hard behind the scenes. Spending time at the Clove Valley Rod & Gun Club or at Bohemian Grove or other clandestine locations where they continue the plan to get us into Iran. Have no doubt another so called “terrorist attack” is eminent.

They will refuse to generate any diplomatic response and yet they almost seem asleep right now. That’s when I get most uneasy. Bin Laden is dead. Killed by his own kind. His usefulness is over. Time for a new figurehead. This one will be better tied into the state of interest. President Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad has no idea what these traitors will do. This Bin Laden look alike will not fly. Some other bandit will appear and we will take another hit. Even if the GOP loses the election it makes no difference. When G.H.W. Bush and Reagan started this deal it was to eliminate Russia as a threat to the middle east takeover. Gorbachev played a pivotal role in this phase obviously. Once diffused Afghanistan was ripe for the taking. After all, we had supported Afghanistan throughout the struggle with Russia. Now that phase one was over it was time to remove the Mujahideen and Jihad movement. Well organized and backed by Iran and Pakistan along with a young rich Saudi, Osama Bin-Laden.

The CIA’s involvement with Mujahideen and all these factions is not in dispute. Even though the mujahideen were ruthless killers and the largest producer of opium for heroin production which was allowed to find it’s way to the US and Europe. Robert Gates and the CIA allowed it as they have through the years with characters like Noriega and Columbia drug lords. Eventually the US under GW Bush gave the Taliban 50 million dollars to eliminate the poppy fields. Especially since the CIA was running all the drug trade and didn’t want the competition. Clinton as Governor of Arkansas was a key player in the Bush/Reagan Iran-Contra deal providing Mena Airport as a major drug and money laundering point for CIA operations.

But I digress.

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