Stimulating America’s Anus

Stimulus Package Huh? What a joke. This clown has the audacity to dictate to congress the need for a stimulus package to throw a couple dollars at us.  What I suggest is we all get the money and nobody spends it.  Stimulate that!  Reckless spending is his mantra.  The package could be described as a fart when the goal is a bowel movement.  These last year strokes to soften the outcry to impeach his ass along with Cheney are so anemic. The visit to Israel, please. What feeble mind couldn’t see through this ploy.  Israel is building in Gaza and that is wrong plain and simple. We fund this country billions of dollars when in fact the standard of living is higher there than in America. Just ask the Katrina victims.  Now after this blowhard states the unions economy is sound, he comes out with the economic stimulus package.  This upsets me more than than all the other crimes he and Cheney have committed. It’s the insult to injury assault.  Where’s Dicky? He’s been quiet lately. The impeachment bills must be getting him nervous or he’s deep into another phase of this conspiracy. Stay tuned.



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