Lesson One – The Election

Lesson One – Get Daddy CIA  and baby brother to help you rig an election. 

Using fraud, intimidation, supreme court collusion, ballot tampering and murder win your self an election.  Control the Electoral College. There have been several attempts to abolish the Electoral College. In the 2000 presidential election, the candidate with the plurality of popular votes lost the electoral vote, a situation that also occurred in the 1876 and 1888 elections.  Party lines have destroyed the wisdom of our forefathers in this process. When the college vote differs from the popular vote, something is wrong.  So the cabal just adjusted a few states to make it better suited as a match.  Curiously the Florida vote came under scrutiny. Funny how the then Governor Jeb Bush managed to get this accomplished in a democratic majority state. Help from Katherine Harris, a few corrupt law firms, state trooper and other law enforcement entities went a long way though it still required the Supreme Court to make a horrible decision. Who didn’t want the time to recount and get to the bottom of it. It seems the Bush administration didn’t as they had to get prepared for 911.  When Clinton decided to pardon all his criminal goombah’s before he left we just didn’t see that we were going to have the same old crap,  just with another shift.  Well the election was fair and honest right?


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