Lesson Two – Dump Enron and Join Halliburton

“Dump Enron. We’ve gotten all we can out of it. Now take it to the next level. Get Kellogg,  Brown & Root,  Dresser and Halliburton to join in the fun with several oil companies and let’s get filthy stinking rich. How? Let’s start a war. Let’s kill some Americans and blame the Muslims. We’ll get the conspirators in Israel, Mossad, CIA  and other Black operators to recruit the terrorists. We will get these terrorists trained and organized right under their noses. Then at the right time “Operation Dumb Ass Drop” will begin. 

After we kill about 5,000 sheep, we can sell the invasion of a completely innocent country. We better make sure we have our ducks in a row. Let’s create some intelligence regarding uranium from Africa just to be sure. Saddam’s a creep anyway. They will buy it hook line and sinker. Make sure our co-conspirators on Capital Hill push the war envelope. Get Lieberman on it. He loves this stuff.  Here’s Phase two. When they realize that no WMD exist there, we have several options. We can plan some more terror acts on a smaller scale, we don’t want to get caught you know?  Along with that, lets create a series of financial hardships for Americans to keep their minds off the war. Like tainted poison imports, mortgage and interest rate issues and oh yea, let’s get the immigration pot stirred before it burns.

Get our propanda outlets on this right away.  All the boys, FOX, NBC, CBS, CNN and get Murdoch off his ass. Get the Washington Post going. They still owe us from Watergate.  Now to ice this cake, let’s work out the details with OPEC to reduce production and hike the prices and we’ll get our share to spend as not to alert those oversight assholes. Deposit those funds in the Wolfowitz account and give Dick the checkbook. 

With the gas prices at five bucks a gallon, the lambs will become lions regarding this invasion. By election time, McCain will win the easily on the platform “Bomb Iran and bring your gas can.”  Daddy says this is a ‘no brainer.’  That’s good.  I don’t wanna work too hard.  Dick has all the fun. Shooting the faces off the sheep. I want to have some fun too. I think I’ll go to the ranch and wear my hat and drive my pickup. Yee Haw!”



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