Spitzer has suffered enough?




What gall for anyone to say this man has suffered enough. What’s that about? Let’s all suffer like that. The only suffering is owned by his family who finds out that the man has been leading a self righteous,  sanctimonious double life. I remember the issues regarding his civil platform on the driver licenses issue and can only come to the conclusion that I subscribed to for many years.  You can never be a good leader or public servant if your first duty in office is not resolving your personal commitments first.

 When Alan Dershowitz states “Hypocrisy is as American as apple pie” or “it’s not a reason for him to resign”  I can hardly contain my outrage. To make comparisons to European standards is equally nauseating.  Since when did we forge this effort from Europe to America, only to continue to emulate or aspire to their moral or immoral standards.   For Mr. Dershowitz to assent to prostitution legal reform is fine, but to indicate it as acceptable behavior for elected officials, then I suggest we include high crimes and misdermeanors in their oath of office pledge as cause for impeachment, termination and criminal prosecution. If he was just unfaithful to his wife, that’s between them and his conscience. But when it’s with a felonious criminal organization with links to possible other dubious criminal activities then Dershowitz’s argument is moot.

Spitzer’s decision to resign likely came with his knowledge of the depth of this ring and he sees fit to avoid a lengthy investigation and further damage.  A good move in my mind.


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