JOHN MCCAIN- P.O.W. and missing in action

As angry as I can get, I cannot entirely condemn all warmongers. In the case of John McCain there are certainly circumstances that one considers when evaluating the integrity or moral designation of an individual.  I try my best to overlook the language and verbal editing to decide.  Beyond the “Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran” speech and other equally poor remarks or offerings by the Senator, I find that he clearly lives in the military world. Some people must just see the military industrial complex as a tool of salvation to the world.

If the shape of things were always crystal clear as we understood in WWII, then we could wrap ourselves in the need for invasion and the delivery of the H-Bomb to the citizens of Japan. Eisenhower’s beware speech must have been based upon his personal feelings of what these conflicts and attacks did to the innocent citizenry.  When McCain’s wife Cindy said, unlike Michelle Obama,  that she has and always will be proud of her country, I had to wonder how can anybody always be proud of what America has done?  Does that statement include the Manifest Destiny that killed, enslaved thousands of  Native Americans. How about the the years of civil right atrocities, the persecution and concentration of Japanese Americans during WWII and the McCarthy years? It’s hard to grasp blind patriotism.

It’s not that it is hard to grasp being a patriot or pro-America as much as it seems to eliminate the ability to look at it from the view of the rest of the world. I have said for years that the best way to see yourself is through the eyes of the people you admire the most.  Well if we are to listen to candidates for that message, it will never arrive. They surely do not subscribe to Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and others like myself who know that regardless of what Suddam was and did to the citizens of Iraq,  they do dislike being invaded by the US and other national military troops. Human nature tells us they probable appreciated his removal but would have preferred we just left after that was completed and been content with an annual budget stipend from us for reconstructing all the damage we caused.

Does John McCain fall into the category of the road to hell paved by his good intentions?  He may truly believe that we (US) are the salvation for the entire world. What I cannot overlook is his selling of the fear factor.  If you ask yourself these questions. What gives us the right to invade any sovereign country?  Crimes by the governments and regimes cannot be the reason. If so we would have to be in China,  Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Burma. Simply put, there no money in it.

The military industrial complex is so large that in order to keep it running, oil flow must be consistent and increasing to meet the demand. Selling it as “we live in a dangerous world”  is like being talked to by your parents about crossing the street or accepting candy from strangers. We know, we know and we will take our chances. Had we spent the 500 billion to create jobs, get off oil dependency, beefed up the National Guard for port and border security while taking care of domestic issues we would have agreed to TAKING OUR CHANCES.

The deciding factor was Lieberman’s departure from the DNC to support McCain as the man willing to bomb Iran and make the Israeli and AIPAC agenda for control over the Muslim rule and eventually create additional settlements until Armageddon.  Liebermans agenda is so crystal clear. The global war on terror consists of the Muslim extreme who want the Jewish extremists dead. And vice-versa.
Without US and European support of this matter, we would have never been in this position. If Israel is gone, so go the threats.  Everything else is stuffing.

McCain as well as other AIPAC, Israeli supporters in our government should know better. But in McCain’s case he does know and willingly pursues it’s bidding. Does a man who was tortured and subjected to the horrors of the Hanoi Hilton have an axe to grind?

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