God attacks Atlanta but misses CNN

ear.jpgDuring the SEC semi-finals on Friday the hand of God nearly took the entire Georgia Dome roof off. Pretty scary for the fans who were wondering if terrorists were attacking.  It turned out to be a severe line of thunderstorms with tornado’s. 

I have watched CNN regularly as it is the only major news show that I can stomach anymore but that is changing rapidly.  Besides Lou Dobbs, the reporting has become so subdued. The powers to be have squelched the focus on the current administration, their crimes, the efforts to get to the matters of government corruption and what these efforts have managed to produce.  They have been gagged and redirected.  As the subpoena’s have been ignored, Mukasey’s denial of the law or justice regarding the Bush League’s antics have continued and it has required civil law suits filed by Pelosi. 

Did you get that news on your particular brand of propaganda?  Not likely. What we get is election, he said she said. Those assholes think we need more low life reality TV.  Were getting more election and delegate numbers in meaningless contrived polls. And the final stab. The nailing of a Democratic Governor for sexual escapades. Make no mistake my friends. This is a warning to all the corrupt dems in the government. “BACK OFF! If you continue to move to impeachment, hearings, subpoena’s and anything else that could blow all our hard work to rape this country, we will get you.”

Whenever the heat builds up, they create another issue. The moment the initial steam built up over this illegal war, all hands on deck.

1. Find a scapegoat (Tenet)

2. Restate the mission (change the facts)

3. Create multiple diversions (immigration, food imports)

4. Memo the propaganda outlets (change the subject)

And again with more funding

1. Find a scapegoat (Gonzales and Rumsfeld)

2. Restate the mission (Petraeus)

3. Create multiple diversions (mortgage meltdown, heavy election dumping)

4. Memo the propaganda outlets (change the subject)

Instead of focusing on the intelligence cover up, CIA-Plame debacle, the attorney firings, the missing email, missing visitor logs, Cheney’s avoiding accountability on his job position, ignored requests for information, illegal use of executive privilege, illegal spying, torture and lies, CNN has moved completely out of the arena.

I used to gauge it by the Cafferty File and the questions asked for response every day. What used to focus around the serious crimes and situations has become theatre for a series of Jerry Springer stories involving meaningless candidate squabbles and the likes of Spitzer and Craig. Mr. Cafferty provides a series or three questions daily for responses. These were consistently good topics and fair in critique. Then Cafferty published a best seller. Then all of a sudden as all media shifted away from these serious issues, so did the anti government corruption minded Cafferty. Do you think he sold out for the book royalties. Lou Dobbs stays hot on the government failings in border security, immigration and trade but rarely steps out to address the multiple issues regarding Bush, Cheney and the whole administrations actions and intentions.

When it is all said and done, I think the Washington Post Watergate incident was the when the POWER ELITE decided they had to own all the major media. As goes the historical purchases, mergers and buyouts. There used to be laws regarding Monopolies, that was just one of many prudent laws and constitutional safeguards that our sellout government has given to the GREAT CONSPIRACY COW for fodder.

Updated 3/19/08- I must retract my title. God didn’t miss.


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