Doesn’t everyone have a friend like Pastor Wright?


We settled for the separation of Church and State some time ago. When will it finally settle in?  Nobody I know doesn’t have a Pastor Wright in their lives. Someone who may be intensely passionate, sometimes angry, always somewhat controversial and prone to mistakes. (especially when angered.)

Let’s assume he was angry. Let’s assume that Obama was honest when he said he never preached from the pulpit like that.  When all is said and done if you had pulled the angry names and racist remarks out of the banter, it was pretty much the truth.  If I turned away from every friend, family member or teacher that ever made derogatory or inflammatory remarks, I’d have been alone all my life.

Let’s presume Pastor Wright meant everything he said.

1. Wasn’t Bin Laden to blame for 911? Didn’t he say US support of Israel over Palestine and our military presence in their land the reason for the attack. Would Military presence by another country on our soil be the fault of that country and our excuse for attacking them? Answer: YES (don’t deny it.)

2. We are the only country to use nuclear fusion as a component of war.  Was it a  proportional response to Pearl Harbor? Answer: NO (don’t deny it)

3. Was the war for oil in Iraq and the money and time-line more important than the victims of Katrina? Answer: Yes (those who deny it must love cars more than people)

4. Did we not support state terrorism in Iran, South Africa, Palestine, Iraq and other places when the dollar was a factor? Answer: Yes (that’s indisputable)

5. Now the key. You and I didn’t. We didn’t pull the trigger, hit the switch, vote for invasion or promote the dictators and harbingers of death. Our government, Intelligence and Military did. You and I have never had a say in these decisions. So stop waiving the flag, open your eyes and decide whether you want the wrath of the world coming down on you while the elitist, self interest, power hungry, warmongering government and corporations decide your fate. If Obama really wants to be friends with Pastor Wright, I am okay with it. I never heard him say we ought to revolt, attack or kill anyone. Yet today I had to listen to George Bush speak about what a great job our military is doing killing Iraqi’s.


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