The naked truth. A river runs through it.

 BAD DREAM # 505

Let it never be said that Dick Cheney doesn’t have a sense of humor.  Stray birdshot, a fishing fly in the keester and a good old fashioned whoopee cusion war can have in stitches.  I watched enough C-Span the past few days to actually create a hangover.  I suffered through the hero, hard work praise for Petraeus and Crocker ad- nauseum and hoped for some glimmer, some moment, some slip of the tongue.

Finally, when reading transcripts the question asked by Rep Robert Wexler (FL) to the General. What do you consider victory? Petreaus stated that we were fighting for national interest, including region’s “importance to the global economy.”

Dick Cheney gave the General the okay to shift the rhetoric from: WMD (lie #1)  Saddam link to Al-Queda (lie #2) Mass genocide (lie #3) African Uranium purchase (lie #4) To remove a sadistic, brutal dictator (lie #5) Gain control over terrorist cells and training state (lie #6) to “global economic importance” with a side of “keeping Iran in check.”

The ultimate goal, Iran. Has and always will be the main goal since big daddy Bush was a pup. Not only is it the richest of all oil deposits but it represents the single most formidable anti-western muslim powers in the Middle East. As the Saudi fields begin to dry up, the Iraqi deposits will suffice for awhile but the growing need for black plankton for the growing economies of India, Pakistan, China and ex-Soviet states puts this matter in a perspective similar to the “Great Gold Rush.”

The planned drilling, refining and pipeline plans for oil and gas are already done. Every deal has been closed. Everyone knows their part and take. Now it’s time to clear the land.Clear it of terrorists, Saddamists and Rejectionists  which includes everybody who rejects and resents unwarranted invasion, their homes destroyed, there water polluted, their lights out, their places of worship bombed and their children maimed and blown to pieces.

Dick was just laughing at one of his Halliburton conspirators who stuck the fly in his ass on a bad flip of the wrist. His comment was something like this. ” That reminds me of every American today at a gas pump.”  They all laughed and had a gay old time.


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