“Speak stupidly and carry a big stick” The Pope and a Dope!


It’s hard to believe the media’s bypass of the comments and admissions of Bush regarding the blessing and approval of torture for innocent detainees in Guantanamo.  Once again we are witness to the propaganda, omission and editing that goes on in Zionist Major Media.  Instead we got hours of meaningless dribble on the Obama/Clinton/McCain cheap shots.  Is reality TV like this?

As a megalomaniac, Bush just had to get his macho fix. Lame Duck must just piss him off.  Here’s a classic case of a guy who will just go crazy when he’s out of office. He’ll likely go back to Texas and create mock scenes of signing death warrants, one of his favorite gubernatorial pastimes. 

The reality of his admissions was to take the heat off Cheney who runs the show in case you didn’t know. Much the way his daddy did under the simplistic Ronald Reagan.  Now we can look forward to Jeb’srun in 2012. He’s signed a few death warrants himself.

The democrat’s left with the mess will fall on their faces and again a Republican Bush administration will materialize.  Who knows, maybe there’s a Walker in the woodwork being groomed.  We can expect the worst years are yet to come.

Abu Zubaydah is likely a lowly travel agent for al Qaeda and when he was captured Bush said “Within months of September the 11th, 2001, we captured a man known as Abu Zubaydah. We believe that Zubaydah was a senior terrorist leader and a trusted associate of Osama bin Laden.”

Note the words “We believe” and “was” referring again that Osama is dead. He has been and will continue to be dead. Why do they and the media keep him alive?  My mother would have found him by now, if he was alive.  Without his living image, the toll on this war would decline even further.  Dick Cheney’s attempts to vilify Ahmadinejad just isn’t carrying much weight.  The fact is, there just isn’t too many bad guys to prop up and get busy attacking America.  We are and always were safe and we’d be even safer  by getting out of Iraq.

I think the Bush family had more contact and relations with Bin-Ladens than this detainee.  Police have gotten false confessions solely on psychological and sleep deprivation torture alone.  Imagine medical torture, sensory deprivation, water-boarding and starvation added too. We’d all be confessing to Kennedy’s assassination rather quickly.




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  1. If you look closely at the commandments painted on the stick, you will notice that it is the Protestant version, not the Catholic version. In the Protestant version, #4 is “Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy. That is #3 in the Catholic version. The reason for the difference is because at the First Council of Nicea the Church deleted the original second commandment which forbids the making of graven images. It replaced the missing commandment by splitting the original tenth commandment into the ninth and tenth commandments in the Catholic version. The Protestants later restored the original version, and that is what Bush is handing the pope, who just happens to be a biblical scholar and would certainly notice. BTW, the Pope had just given Bush a valuable 16th century lithograph (graven image) of St. Peter’s Square and the colonnades with all the statues (graven images) on top.

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