I just can’t help myself. Katrina 2008


Columbia University statistics for Katrina Dec 2007

What can I say nearly three years later to the reality of what remains the worst effort on behalf of any administration for any major homeland disaster?  Despicable, criminal, beyond belief.  No, there are no words except maybe the “Greatest American Tragedy” fits. 

As I review the recent “Waco” debacle in Eldorado Texas, I can only wonder what could possibly garner so much attention to the supposedly polygamist order of married teenagers, some of which are married, pregnant and mothers.   Then once again it I am reminded of the miscreant minded media machine and their continued plan to subvert the masses intellect and draw attention from the criminality working it’s way into every fabric of the state.


* Up to 35,000 children – one-third of those across the Gulf Coast still displaced by Hurricane Katrina – are having major problems with mental health, behavior or school, a new study indicates.
* 10,000 displaced children across the Gulf are now suffering from clinically diagnosed depression — a 400 percent increase from before the storm.
* More than half the parents and caregivers interviewed reported that at least one child had emotional or behavioral problems since the hurricane
* More than 60 percent of the parents and caregivers tested high for anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder
* Somewhere between 75,000 and 100,000 children still living in FEMA toxic trailers
* One in six children who needed medical care for an illness or injury had not seen a doctor
* Three times as many children were without health insurance after Katrina than before the hurricane
* Nearly one-third of children aged 6 to 11 years had missed at least 10 days of school in one month during the last quarter of the spring 2006 semester. Four out of 10 teenagers missed that much school.

40,000 families still displaced


Every American should be ashamed to know this while we wait to see who Warren Jeffs screwed and possibly impregnated.  They can’t even find a credible witness.  What a typical media/government circus. P.T. Barnum would be proud. Meanwhile, the children of Katrina will continue to spiral downward and the Texas authorities will do their best to permanently scar the 416. 


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