Yes it’s true. US intelligence couldn’t find a turd in a shoebox.


British Intellegence, Defence and MI6 have hired Psychics, the CIA has a Ouija Board in the conference room.  The White House’s desire to find Osama bin Laden appears to be strong, with reported plans for a new campaign to target Pakistan reported in The New York Times in Jan 08. But the leader of that country, President Pervez Musharraf, sounds sick and tired of hearing about the Al Qaeda corpse. Why you might ask?

Because he’s dead!!  The Washington Postalso reported that the CIA unit dedicated to capturing Osama was shut down in late 2005. About three and a half years to late. He was murdered, skinned, stretched and made into twenty seven pairs of loafers that are sold to underground elitists and collectors for about $800,000 a shoe.

The same group masterminding the whole false flag operation to get us into Iran likely killed B. Bhutto as well. For she would surely have shut down this black army’s operation in Pakistan. Musharraf efforts to find her killer(s) is laughable. He might as well pulled the trigger himself.  Any detective would have made him person of interest number one.

Surely the al- Qaeda targets of desire are Masood, Karzai, Musharraf himself and other western supporters.  Al-Qaeda had no interest in Bhutto.  Muslim extremists my ass.  Pakistan remains as it has been since US involvement with India and British rule since Gandhi.  A country who despises Europe, US and Israeli influence of any kind.  We continue to support with billions of tax dollars their puppet government and military. But be advised, they will never help root out the anti-western extremists. NEVER!


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