I was a vegetarian for 20 years. From age 15 to 35 I had decided to delve into the health benefits. I really never realized the human impact until a few years ago.  Deeply disturbing is the information. I currently eat chicken, ground turkey and fish. I have managed to refrain from beef.  I really feel no better or worse for the decision physically, yet I constantly feel poorer emotionally.

Keeping in mind the failure of bio-fuels to really make sense for alternative energy, I have spent time reading science involving Hydrogen. It appears after much review that it, along with wind, solar and nuclear are really the answer.

As far as the information on beef versus feeding the entire world hunger population by nixing the beef is a no brainer. Everyone lives and those beef eaters would live longer. What we know now and our failure to act is very depressing.

Good reading.

A bushel of corn is 56 lb (or 25.4kg) of corn. At about 8000 btu/lb we get 113120 kCal/bushel. Given the average human diet globally contains 2800 kCal/day 1 bushel represents 40 days worth of calories for a person (if that person eat only corn!). Thus at current conversion efficiencies of about 2.8 gal/bushel, the corn in a gallon of ethanol represents a shade over two weeks worth of food (again, all corn). A 15 gallon fuel tank of ethanol is thus 7 months worth of corn calories for one person. Of course, the American corn crop is mainly fed to animals, and after conversion to meat, eggs, or dairy at efficiencies in the range of 1/10 – 1/3, the 15 gallon tank of ethanol is more like 1-2 months worth of food calories for a person.

  1. Over seventy percent of American grain and eighty percent of American corn is fed to farm animals.
  2. According to a Cornell University study, the amount of grain consumed by animals could feed approximately 800 million hungry people.
  3. Valuable water resources are also squandered for meat production. Producing just ten pounds of steak requires the same amount of water as is used by an average household for an entire year.
  4. An estimated 4,000 gallons of water is needed to produce a one day, animal-based food supply for an average American; a one day, plant- based food supply would only require about 300 gallons.
  5. Intensive animal agriculture is a vast user of fossil fuel, mainly for the production of feed. A grain-fed steer who ingests twenty five pounds of corn a day and lives to reach a weight of approximately 1,250 pounds, consumes almost 284 gallons of fossil fuel throughout his life.


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