Alas! The drunken sheriff finds his badge.

Read the Complaint

Well, at last some indication of a spine. As we get ready to watch Congress roll over on another war funding bill, we can take little solace in the lawsuits filed by the judiciary committee on March 10, 2008. Start here and work your way to Mukasey, Gonzales, Rove, Cheney and the Lil’ General.

The Attorney firings wreak with the stink of GOP arrogance after they fraudulently stole the 2000 and 2004 elections, they had the cohones to fire these attorneys for not conspiring to investigate 2006 congressional elections.

Mukasey’s failure to represent the people and clearly serving at Bush’s leisure has clearly stated he was not going to investigate CIA water boarding and contempt by Miers and Bolten to appear under subpoena.

Mukasey has replaced Gonzales’ “I don’t remember” with flat out “No’s!”  Conyers and Wexler are pressing it harder now. We should continue to support.

Please support this effort before we sink into the abyss of Capone government.


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