Brother, can you spare an Amero?

What needs to be said about the China trade agreements and NAFTA. Unless you are corporate America, importer or living in China, Mexico or Canada as a manufacturer the odds are it has hurt you or at least done nothing for you.

The talk of cheaper goods is moot. Cheaper good with far less quality are no bargain. Toxic ingredients, poor quality control and promoting and supporting slave labor and human rights atrocities is unacceptable.  If we were creating jobs and paying decent wages, we’d all spend more to buy American, right?

President Bush continues to speak on the subject of NAFTA as being good for America. His America. The wealthiest minority of 1-16% may agree with him, but that’s it. From sea to sea and border to border the majority of citizens would disagree.

McCain’s negative ad by the DNC has him saying thing are better over the last seven years. What’s Cindy worth?  200 million? Selling booze? When times are bad she makes money.

NAFTA and China agreements never lived up to their commitments in regards to human rights and oversight. Why? They never had any intentions of doing it. That’s why.  Bill Clinton, GW Bush and half of Congress knew it was never going to be enforced. They were sucking up to their lobbyists, corporate benefactors who they cater to like whore French maids.

Be certain of one thing. There isn’t a candidate who’s going to cancel NAFTA or shut down China imports. None of them. That is the same as turning your back on Israel, AIPAC and the UN. It will get you killed.

All we can hope for is that CAFTA, FTAA and the North American Union never get going. Thanks to Hugo Chavez, who I like by the way. Anybody who does the research will see he is more benevolent to his people and more in touch with poverty than the Lil’ General George.

Chavez along with Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil see through the same shit we do. These agreements promote wealthy greedy corporations and slave labor and they in fact divide the classes even further. The redistribution of wealth is the only benefit. Fewer yet wealthier elitists and more and poorer masses.

If the wealthiest 15% own 80% of the wealth today after 220 years and allowing for an accelerated rate when you have NEO-CONS in the White House, congressional factoring by corporate lobbies and a population that will sit and watch their land and birthright sold out from under them, well you guess how long it takes to wind up like China.

I don’t get Clinton supporters.  She was all over NAFTA when her philandering husband was pushing it. He’s collected millions since on kickbacks and favors under guises of speeches, consulting fees and other bogus labels.  William Jefferson Clinton was guilty of more skullduggery and unethical behavior than any President since Grant until GWB came to be.

And Bill was smarter by far. Yet people seem to buy Hillary’s spiel. She will promote every trade deal. She will not get us out of Iraq. She will not negotiate with Iran to ease Middle East oil concerns. She will not do anything but raise taxes and promote the welfare state. Yes she may cut wealthy tax breaks but that won’t solve it.  We need out of NAFTA, IRAQ and CHINA in a orderly expeditious manner.



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