C-SPAN, Theatre in the Round. Just like Broadway.



Reality TV never caught on with me. When asked if I watch any mainstream network reality (i.e. Survivor,  Big Brother, etc.) I say No, thank you.  I realize that when I have criticized the viewing public who tunes in to see people behaving badly, that I have offended people I like. What a shame.  What a shame that we cannot make a comment regarding what we see as negative. I do not judge the people involved or the condemn the people who watch. I simply condemn the institution.  In Christianity terms “Judge not, less ye be judged” does refer to judging and persecuting the individual.  Jesus clearly judged the institutions, laws and actions.  Therefore, I try to follow similar guidelines.  Unsuccessfully of course.

My reality TV is C-Span, News, Interview and Debate.  But it has slowly become clear to me with some conviction that the actual reality I am viewing may be as scripted as the reality TV drama on primetime.  I have daydreamed the notion that new Congressional inductees must spend several hours a week being coached on acting, politically correct terminology, proper protocol in session and other mindless grandiose fluff that harkens back to 18th century European court punctiliousness.

It has become evident that we must give Congress some leniency as to their ability to get the job done when they are overwhelmed by pontification, procedure and protocol.  The ego involved with Hollywood must coincide with this theatre as well.

So I submit to my esteemed colleagues, the gentlemen and gentle ladies from the blogosphere but I reserve my remaining time to utter other additional ceremonious fritterings.


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