“Operation Chaos” Coverup. The Greatest Love Affair of this Century

 BAD DREAM # 544


I liked Rush better when he was just a common drug addict.  He was always predictable under the influence of Oxycontin. His radio rhetoric was tasteless, pompous and totally entertaining.  It became clear to me shortly after his surrender to Florida authorities his drug addiction was due to prolonged depression brought on by his extreme passion and absolute obsession with his one real and only true love.

Under the guise of Operation Chaos, a plan to have the GOP manipulate the primaries to tighten and fix the race to an eventual dead heat and ultimately creating a brokered convention.  This likely picked up some steam in recent months.  After months of Psycho-analysis he was given a clean bill of health.  The answer was evident.  Don’t bury your feelings. Release your passions and go after what you want ol boy.

Operation Chaos was his own idea to cover up the secret love communications going back and forth between these two star-crossed lovers.  During Bill’s philandering time in the Ovulation office of the White House, “Hilly Cakes” was at one of her lowest points.  She became the target of a secret admirier.  The little gifts, cards and secret love notes started arriving with regular frequency.  All that was offered with these little do-dads and ditto’s was a identity known only as your “right hand man.”

Later on as the communications became reciprocal through PO boxes, the dialogue became more amorous. Along with the  “Little Hilly Cakes” and “My Big Poop Stain” names of affection  traded were little fantasies involving secret rendezvous in romantic ports of call.  Yet, the risks were far too great to go beyond the verbal.  In order to consummate this now mutual obsession, they agreed to show their incredible devotion by the use of scorn.

An absolute genius way to approach their dilemma. The constant one upping each other with absolute contempt and loathing. The love letters now flying across the media wire like shooting stars across the sky.  It brings me too tears some days. This love, this affection, this total commitment of beautiful spirits to keep the fires of their passions burning so bright.  God Bless them.


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