The Hanging Participle

Going to the shed the other day, a rope hung me by the neck until dead.,8599,1736687,00.html

The dangling concern is who? The rope? The secret police? The FBI? CIA?  Does killing a witness and a client list of 10-15 thousand names including possible names of so-called prominent DC and elitists fall under Homeland Security?  Rumors circulate about notables like Dick Cheney. Already several have fallen.

Well, with a list of that size, it would be any ones guess who did it. What we do know is that D.J. Palfrey didn’t do it.  What further clues indicate this. The incredible speed of  TIME Magazine to get Dan Moldea on the story and present a unverifiable story of suicide over prison.  Just another TIME WARNER CNN production worthy of a Lifetime cable movie.  It didn’t hurt to have Moldea do it because of his conspiracy writing background. The “Conspiracist anti-Conspiriacy Phenomenon.”

When speaking with Alex Jones on record and tape she clearly said it was not an option. Yet curiously the New York Times, Washington Post and other major media outlets who refused her offer to her information and story, jump on the suicide story posthaste.  A handwritten note and hanging is suspect to say the least. The hanging suicide of Brandy Britton was even more suspect as this intelligent, educated woman decides to take her life days before her trial on much lesser charges and potential sentencing. The subsequent stories in the Washington Post and other propaganda outlets paint these characters as if they lived inside them using every possible word uttered as fact of mental disposition to lay the groundwork for the eventual suicide.

After the death of Britton, Palfrey echoed concerns of retaliation, intimidation and fear of harm from authorities though she said she was prepared to fight vigorously the charges of prostitution and racketeering.  Based on charges of prostitution, the charges do not generally fall under Federal jurisdiction but go to the states for investigation and prosecution.  Yet it appears along with a Federal investigation that Federal postal investigators and IRS agents claiming to be police raid her home and seize hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property.

Why? What do they want. She filed taxes. There were no tax evasion charges.  We arrive at two options. The first is getting the information of list for blackmail purposes. Similar to the Federal bust to get Elliot Spitzer out the way with an investigation that wreaked with ulterior agenda.  The second option being the ones who feared the information and personal liability obtaining and destroying evidence.  The conclusion is that both are present here.

It explains why Congress and high ranking government officials are allowing many crimes to go unpublished, without investigation, without prosecution and ignored under fear of reprisal from this information as well as many other similar entrapment schemes used by the conspirators operating in our country.

If indeed D. J. Palfrey put the rope around her own neck, I am convinced it was to save the lives of her family and loved ones. I’ll continue to believe that the government is represented by three parties. Republicans, Democrats and Criminals. The Criminals are winning.


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