Please pass me the Guar Gum.


  It’s not unreasonable to make the statement that food quality has declined.  The constant effort to feed the population did require the technologies of canning, freezing, dehydrating and preservation.  No one could dispute the need and the benefit. But once the food growers and processing industries caught on to the enormous financial benefit of chemical additives and chemical substitutes were realized, “Katie bar the door.”

   The food manufacturers like Nestle, Cargill, Monsanto, Altria, Unilever, Smithfield and Tyson are among the largest suppliers to this nation and the world.  What you eat is clearly garbage compared to the early twentieth century.  The list below indicates some of the shortcuts, technologies and processes that are guaranteed to impact your health.  Unfortunately, the poor are most prone to these poisons. 

Pesticides – clearly toxic (used to maximize crop yield)  Money wins over your health

GMO foods – Genetically altered DNA recombinant (creating Frankenstein Food)  Greed wins over your health

Food ingredients – that aren’t food at all (hydrogenated cancer and Alzheimer’s) Greed wins over your health.

Food ingredient labeling deception – using multiple poisons in smaller quantities fly under the radar –Greed wins over your health.

Serving size – Ridiculous marketing ploy (serving size 3 chips*servings per container 1000) Greed wins over your health.

Avoid cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes forever. Allow you immune system to rejuvenate to superior levels.


You are likely allergic to some or all:






Chocolate (cocoa)

Lactose dairy

Non-fish seafood (clams, oysters, shrimp, lobster, crab and scallops)


These are guaranteed to get you to heaven quicker:

Acesulfame K




Food dyes (any color and any number)



Hydrogenated oils

Trans fat – partial or wholly hydrogenated oils

If you get by this list you are doing pretty good.  Try to consume these and in smaller quantities.

Range raised meats

Cage free eggs

Vegan fed dairy and meats (no cows fed on other cows or chickens fed chickens) a despicable practice

Growth hormone free (speed up the process from birth to your mouth) another despicable practice

Antibiotic free (cage free and range animals generally do not need this like factory farmed livestock)

The food industry is making you sick. They do not want to kill you. They just want you addicted to crap that tastes good and gradually you will become accustomed to feeling like shit.   Then the medical industry takes over.  See that section. 

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. When they started the fluoridating of water, it was the first step in poisoning our children.

But it was the best way to dump the wastes from phosphate fertilizer industry.  Heavy metals, pesticides and other unnaturally introduced contaminants have had effects on pregnancy and all of us since WWII.


*         Lead

*         Copper

*         Chromium

*         Mercury

*         PCB’s

*         DDT

*         Dioxin

*         Aluminum

*         Chlorine


*         Downs Syndrome


*         Autism

*         Hyperactivity, ADD,  ADHD

*         Mental retardation

*         Asthma and respiratory diseases and immune deficiencies

*         Thyroid. pancreas, brain and other endocrine disorders and diseases

*         Rheumatoid Arthritis and Nerve disease (Neuropathy)

*         Fluoride poisoning (there’s enough in a tube of some toothpastes to kill a child. See poisoning warnings on your brand)

*         Toxic poisoning (lead, mercury, PCB) 

These were the beginnings of what I call the “bucks for babies” movement. Government and greed looking at the risk assessment of profit over safety, the greed versus good and money over morality. What is the price of a human life? It like everything else gets cheaper. Like Chinese imports and Chinese human rights, they are the cheapest anywhere and we are following suit.







3 Responses

  1. heavy metals is a nightmare avoid it at all costs

  2. well collated info, rare to find someone else that tracks the food ingredient side. i have been watching food , pharma, and marketing sites for a couple of years, how they suck folks in is unreal, so stupid, and yet it works on the sheeple so well.
    The bragging about “clean Label” hidden chemicals and synthetic vat brewed goo, they can use to “value add” hmm yup adds value to them, but devalues our health. I also cook commercially sometimes. i refuse to use any oils with cotton ,corn, soy or the very suspect 900 antifoamer in it. FSANZ approved its use here last year! (australia) all industry on the board and no way to find out what is being put forward, till it is happening/happened!
    I found 900 in a jar of tomato spaghetti sauce ALDI sold, aussie rebranded. as an “antifoaming agent’ for oils in deep fryers, what?? TF is that! doing in a food topping we eat??? basically i use organic safflower or olive or i refuse to cook for people.And i now boycott all food labeled Riviana in aldi stores. Honey is a ripper! contaminated chinese product moved to India, relabelled Kashmiri dark honey, and able to be sold worldwide. they also tried to use Australia as a reship point , but it appears we caught them pretty quickly.

  3. your comment above regarding the manufacturers, well for a while the Retailers could have a fair say in what they wanted to sell, then makers started dictating terms to supply the heavily promoted Public suck in brands..
    now today 11 july 2012 I read the manufacturers plan to really push the retailers out.

    Supermarkets to ‘lose industry power’ to food manufacturers

    The UK food industry is entering a new era with power shifting from the retailers to the manufacturers, for the first time in 30 years, according to a leading city analyst… Read

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