There’s no more simpler explanation to D. J. Palfery’s murder than the facts themselves.

1. DOJ has sequestered the “John List” then released edited components (40+pounds)

2. Palfrey on tape says she is not committing suicide and any appearance of such is murder. (forged suicide notes?)

3. Big media rush to tout the suicide talk that never happened (Time magazine and her attorney) Can you smell Pulitzer and Payoff?

4. The repeated invasions and stalking by people she did not know.

5. No woman hangs herself unless in prison with no other way.  (Brandy Britton and Jean Palfrey)

6. Was she going to retire in Germany? (Hmm. I think I will go to Germany and spend money on my Condo before I kill myself)

7. She stood to make substantial sums for movie, books and interviews.  (No brainer here)

8. There was not enough teeth in the evidence to convict the fifty year sentence. I bet a year tops.

9. The six degree rule includes Cheney, Abramoff , Bob Ney, Tom DeLay, Tom Feeney, John Doolittle, Kyle Foggo, Duke Cunningham and Governor Robert L. Ehrlich.

10. This could involve Attorney Thomas DiBiagio, Valerie Plame, Rudy Giuliani and key members of Congress. The same MO of the fired attorneys, Eliot Spitzer, Valerie Plame and 911.  There remains more here than customers not wanting embarrassment.  It’s comforting to know that the complete John list is safely in the hands of others. We know the DOJ can’t be trusted. They fired all the good ones remember?  US Attorney Thomas DiBiagio was one such attorney canned by Alberto Gonzales and Mukasey is a Bush gatekeeper like no other.


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