One Cool Cucumber in a Fire Storm

Time has come to look beyond the campaign.  It is when you’ve heard enough of the polls, pundits and pollution over the last fifteen months to make you want to toss your TV/PC over the balcony and cancel your subscriptions and take up farming.

I’m planting cucumbers. I have this urge for cool summer cukes. Thanks to Sen. Obama for deciding to remain the coolest of cucumbers when he was being attacked by Republicans, Democrats, Whites, Media, Women, Pennsylvania, Hillary, Bill, his own Pastor Wright and everybody else who despises Pastor Wright.

Mr. Cool just kept his composure totally and never stopped focusing on the main issue. Change Washington. That’s the only thing he should do for his first four years. Tear down the lobbyist, corporate and corrupt power brokers that have held us by the short hairs for nearly twenty years.

The facts are clear Hillary and McCain are old Washington. Obama is new, improved, cool, intelligent, capable and if the phone rings at 2 AM,  he will pick it up and say  ” The New Leadership, this is Barack, how can I help you?”

He kept his cool and did not self destruct when all around him fires burned. He calmly walked his way through the flames and never ran scared.   The Pastor Wright episode clearly showed leadership.  When some crap hits the fan, you don’t run around like a headless chicken, retracting your words in a damage control mode, bailing on a twenty year relationship and catering to sanctimonious, hypocritical pundits.

Intelligent, calm and decisive will be the characteristics of the election. Things that McCain and Clinton have not been.  While the big “O” has been a cucumber, the others have been flopping around like mullet in nets. I can’t quite understand the rest of America not eventually seeing this as well.

Cool versus Chaotic (Hillary’s Iran annihilation remark, drivers licences, waffling in debates)

Class versus Crass (McCain’s Bomb Iran song, Hillary and Bill cheap shots)

High Ground can be lonely in Washington. There’s nobody there anymore. They all seem to be on their bellies crawling between prostitutes legs. I have high hopes for real change. If we don’t do it soon the opportunity may not come again.


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