Guess what Hillary? We lost again. Thanks for nothing.

 BAD DREAM # 588

“It’s over” “No chance” “Mathematically impossible” “Inevitable” “The fat lady has sung and is now having dinner”

All that’s left is a battle for Michigan and Florida delegates and a bitter, divisive ending to this pathetically run DNC primary.  Those pundits who have called it exciting and invigorating must be the subjects not on the placebos in this experiment.  I can hardly imagine polling any segment of the registered DEM or Independent population and getting those adjectives.  Would anxious or desperate be more accurate?

As I predicted last year, the agenda of the power hungry Clinton Dynasty is almost parallel to that of the Bush clan.  Party affiliation is of no consequence. The private agendas of these Dynasties or Third Party are driven by the Global Wealth. The reality of the third party stands out like bulbous boil on the face of this nation.  A bipartisan stream of sell outs to corporate, financial and media giants sucking this country dry as they move their way throughout the world. Regardless of the final outcome here, the next wave of this program will set the bar at a level never realized in earlier campaigns. The tools of character assassination, bribery, fraud, ballot tampering, coercion and smoky back room deals will flow freely across this once united states unlike anything seen in 2000 or 2004.

The prospects of Obama getting through this obstacle course of attacks, land mines and hidden booby traps will call upon the best instincts of the American people who realize the critical need for Government reform and fixing Washington.  A plan that many already in DC will not let happen at any cost.  To say I am full of anxiety and fear regarding the next six months would be the understated.  To say I fear the fire storm of the century coming may be overstated.  America has a cancer. Washington is the malignant tumor and global elite interests are giving us the Chemo that is weakening us and will eventually kill us.

Surviving is the name of the game now.


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