The Final Piece: Your Soul

For those of you that have been dumbed down by Pepsi-Cola, Flu shots or under the Chem-trails too long it may be moot to read this.  Globalization under the New World Order has the game in hand.  Financial control is done. Get ready for depression. The food and water shortages will follow. This will keep you in line. If it doesn’t the coming UN world police state will enforce it with zealous pleasure.

Never utter the word liberty, freedom, peace or God again or you shall be detained for corrective programming to include chip implantation, mind control and house arrest.  Turn off the TV as state programming will be constant reaffirmation of the NWO and it’s supreme idea. 

Prepare for population cutbacks. Make sure you are a worker or become part of the Eugenics – Euthanasia phenomenon.  The mysterious diseases that will require your equally mysterious based pharmaceutical therapies.  Should you remain, be prepared to birth children for the state. These youngsters will be required to replace the aging army. That is of course after they are tortured, sexually abused and controlled by mind control drug techniques by the elite scientific Nazi’s who filtered out of Germany under Soviet, Israeli, European, Canadian and American authorities to do their glorious grand work.

Watch them watch you in every aspect of your meaningless existence.  If you want to pray, do it standing and with your eyes open.  The election we are supposedly voting this year is a stacked deck and it won’t matter in the grand game.  The next elections are controlled and any dissent of it’s results will not be tolerated.  You will vote based upon a candidates promise you provide you Soylent Red to go with your Soylent Green. And yes it will be re-constituted human protein. MMMM good.

If we need medical care in order to get back on the job, you will get the care you need plus a booster shot to re-enforce the NWO programming. But you will get Jello too!  Never forget that they are your mommy, daddy, teacher, adviser and friend. We know we will never forget that right?   What is crime?  Only that committed by the NWO personnel and elite knights that govern regions.  The Kings and Queens will rarely be seen except on statues which you will be expected to keep clean and bow to during your very limited travel.

Recreation will be FEMA style camps where we will go for games. They will include gladiator type combat bouts and demeaning human-animal acts for the pleasure of our governors and their cabinets.  There will be some baubles and small gifts for those who show the right attitudes. It may be a grape or cherry. “Die like Christians”, “Act like a Donkey” and the “Naked Oil Race” will be some of the favorite fare there.

Just another bad dream come to fruition?


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