Produced by Rothschild & Rockefeller. Directed by Bilderberger

This seasons line-up should be a barn burner.  Gas hits $5.00  per gallon by summer as I predicted in October.  Learned by NWO during WWII.

a. A continued Media cover-up of the Halliburton-FEMA development of martial law camps to hold the libertarians and lovers of GOD who will not submit

b. The preparation for anarchy when they drop the bomb on your freedom, your liberty and the constitution will cease to be law in any shape or form

c. The dollar collapse is in full swing and we can expect the food, gas and other necessities to climb to other North American Union inflation rates.

In order to police the world with the new secret military police being placed in our cities and military, the need for oil and gas will be very important and therefore the attacks and invasions of Middle East countries. What was secret false flag attacks will become simple unjust invasions and takeovers.

Genocides in Middle East and Africa will be handled by the biological warfare entities in US, Canada and Europe. China will be the largest portion of this police state. That explains the largest military buildup since the Cold War and largest ever in history.

The rest of their population will be decreased.  Kissinger and other key members of the eugenics program stated the population should be reduced 50-90 percent. (depends on the willing slaves to work for the state)

Imagine no Religion. It’s for sure under the new regime.  “It’s a big idea….A new world order”  The dreams of Bilderberger and CFR have, after over a half century come to reality.

Mexico has created an army to clean out drug dealers and traffickers to practice for the time they move across the open borders to join the NWO police already working in our cities.

The next step is the chem-trail and missile delivery of Dioxin or Agent Orange type chemical attack.  It may include VX or Sarin as well.  What will be known at that time as “the cocktail.” Efficient and deadly.

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