A funny thing happened at Bilderberger….


…..we were all chosen for extinction. The ol’ gang got together and confirmed that the fruit fly must survive but we were all expendable.

When Eliot Spitzer decided to go after GlaxoSmithKline for the crimes perpetrated on America for the death drug “Paxil” and Wallstreet for theft and fraud, they took him down. Just like Karl Rove and the fraud of two elections in Florida and Ohio in 2000 and 2004, the attorney firings and demise of many other enemies to Bilderberger plans for total control.

Now we have the election. A choice of two candidates backed by the worst religious war-mongers who ever pissed behind a pulpit.  The rhetoric and lies, the blather of promises and stink of media feces all flowing over the days left before we find ourselves going to polling places with Diebold 911 black boxes. What a farce.

Meanwhile we have had;

  • 911 conspiracy (treason)
  • 6 years of an illegal war  (treason)
  • Lying to Congress and circumventing Congressional oversight regarding war (impeachment)
  • EO’s that have undermined constitutional law (treason)
  • contempt of Congressional Subpoenas by three Bush post members (felony)
  • Dick Cheney shoots a man (felony) withholds/destroys evidence (impeachment)
  • Illegal torture, illegal wiretapping (FISA) , illegal use of executive privilege (treason)
  • Illegal firing of US Attorneys (felony)
  • Illegal use of administration staff for partisan lobbying (impeachment)
  • Fraud by government and business to artificially control gas prices (felony)
  • Fraud by the FED and Wallstreet to bail out thieves in Bear Sterns (felony)
  • The secret plans to invade Iraq and Iran pre-war (impeachment)
  • The 600 FEMA concentration camps to contain Americans (treason)
  • The illegal trade agreement and North American Union plans (impeachment)
  • multiple violations of the LOGAN ACT (treason)
  • Illegal no bid contracts and fraud/misuse of funds -KBR, Halliburton (felony)
  • Blackwater murder (felony)
  • KBR rapists (felony)
  • Valerie Plame incident leak-spying (treason)
  • Illegal use of state secrets doctrine to stop DOJ and Oversight investigations (impeachment)

Meanwhile the traitors in Congress who have decided to look the other way are just as guilty.

Remember this when you wake up one day in a FEMA camp after they declare martial law and take your home “eminent domain” that you had the chance to take a few minutes to write, fax or email your Senator and Representative and tell them to start impeachment proceedings and hold this administration accountable to Congressional Subpoenas.

http://www.democrats.com/topelosiandjudiciary   (tell that worthless Nancy Pelosi)




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