Operation CleanSweep




Dear Trusted Official


As we enter into Election 2008, it is important for you to begin to work for the American people again. Not just the few, but the majority of which are middle to lower classes.  The amount of crime and corruption has exceeded epidemic proportions and we feel you are either the problem or the solution.


Yet, your failure to act on appropriate legislation and hold the laws of the constitution above the greed and crimes of the current administration as well as key members of Congress has concluded that a clean sweep of all but very few of you is necessary.   When you look at the list of factors above you should be able to determine why you did or did not make the list.


Along with a graded scale of these infractions OPERATION CLEANSWEEP will seek out replacement candidates for each state and district for upcoming House and Senate elections.  Time is of the essence for Americans.  Your wealth or privilege may keep you from lying awake at nights but that is not the case for most Americans.


We counted on you after 911 to get to the bottom of this administration and their lies, deception, gross negligence, incompetence and the subsequent criminal acts against the United States, its laws and its people.


We are gathering final information on each member and look forward to the inaugural website.  At that time SWEEP LEADERS from each state will begin local grassroots meeting for district officers and candidate searches of honest middle class citizens who like us believe you have allowed this government to self destruct into a crime spree and watched as this administration has dismantled the foreign relations efforts of the last fifty years.  We hope you may begin to reassemble this broken government by doing the right thing before your next election.


Warmest regards

Operation CleanSweep



Dear Trusted Official

 We urge you to begin impeachment proceedings in the House Judiciary Committee at once.  There is no time to waste in restoring the rule of law to the executive branch of our government.

Please support and cosponsor Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s proposal to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President Richard Cheney.

Please heed the wisdom of Chairman John Conyers: “I have a choice. I can either stand by and lead my constituents to believe I do not care that the president apparently no longer believes he is bound by any law or code of decency, or I can act.”

Please listen to the people of this nation, a majority of who tell pollsters they want impeachment.  Listen to the many dozens of cities and towns that have passed impeachment.  Listen to the state senate of Vermont.  Listen to 16 state Democratic Parties.  We are counting on you to respond to this request from the people of this country.

Please continue the efforts to push this impeachment process forward. As clearly this must become a bipartisan effort to weed out the corruption and crimes from members of both parties. It certainly appears to be the efforts of big business and international wealth to control key members of our government.  By going after the current administration the domino effect will happen. I strongly feel that the vote of all members of house and senate clearly aligns who can be trusted and voters will look to these votes for future elections.  Obviously what appears to be unpopular now will eventually become heroic historically as “The Saving of America”


Operation CleanSweep


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