The Man who shot Liberty Constitution

Possible Charges against George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, members of his administration

  1. By lying to the people of the United States, to Congress and to the world at large in order to start an illegal war.
  2. By, in fact, starting an illegal war, during which they or their agents perpetrated war crimes and crimes against humanity, in addition to the crime against peace mentioned in Item 1 above.
  3. By undermining the First Amendment on many occasions, including the forceful interruption or prevention of legal protests by concerned citizens at public political events.
  4. By obstructing justice on many occasions, including falsely classifying documents as secrets in order to prevent the detection and prosecution of various crimes and dishonesties.
  5. By participating in, through negligence, mismanagement, and/or fraud, the gross misuse and squandering of public funds.
  6. By illegally suspending the right of habeas corpus and other legal protections.
  7. By engaging in illegal wiretaps and other illegal invasions of privacy.
  8. By undermining the right that all citizens have to defend themselves against arbitrary abuses of government power as provided under the Constitution.
  9. By undermining treaties established under Article VI of the Constitution, which incorporates various rights and privileges belonging to citizens and non-citizens alike.
  10. By promoting or allowing their agents to engage in torture of citizens and/or non-citizens in contravention of national and international law.
  11. By illegally setting up prisons in other countries in order to evade national and international law and to torture people there without scrutiny or detection.
  12. By corrupting and mismanaging members of the CIA, other intelligence agencies, and many other government employees in order to carry out illegal activities against US and non-US citizens.
  13. By facilitating a great injustice that was perpetrated on the American people by allowing and not bringing to justice those who engaged in illegal election practices that resulted in this administration undeservedly coming to power through methods of fraud and deceit.
  14. By failing in their duty to protect and defend the legitimate rights of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan as they have been denied proper medical care, food, shelter, and other services required under international law by occupiers of an occupied country. Their infidelity has forced hundreds of thousands of people to leave and lose their homes and possessions as refugees; has resulted in the death and dismemberment of tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent people; has destroyed the infrastructure and artifacts of a culture, has squandered and mismanaged billions of dollars of Iraqi funds that were under the fiduciary care and supervision of US officials, and otherwise caused misery and pain to millions of innocent people.
  15. By engaging in or allowing agents to engage in extra-judicial and summary executions, resulting in the killing of innocent people.
  16. By illegally avoiding Congressional oversight by various means including the illegal use of outside contractors and by giving certain contractors or their agents immunities, thereby protecting them from prosecution for crimes they have committed.
  17. By undermining the Constitutional requirement to keep church and state separate.
  18. By passing legislation that weakens and undermines fundamental Constitutional rights and protections of citizens.
  19. By using illegal “signing statements” in an attempt to undermine Congress and the Constitution, putting everyone on notice that this administration will, at their own discretion, refuse to follow properly executed laws of the land.
  20. By consistently lying to the American people about their aims, strategies, activities, and crimes.
  21. By these and other means not named herein they have undermined the rule of law, both national and international, undercut America’s reputation among citizens and the world community, and threaten the freedom and security of every American as well as the sustainability of freedom and democracy that every citizen hopes to pass on to their children and grandchildren.  In short, the intention of this administration has been to subvert the Constitution and in many ways they have succeeded.  Taken in total, their performance in office amounts to treason.

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