Jupiter, Locusts and the Kings of Pain

If you listen very carefully you can hear it.  You must turn off the propaganda boxes. The TV, computers, radios and cell phones must be silent.  The sound of locusts.  The quiet leg rubbing and chewing are nearly deafening.

Darfur, China, Myanmar, Iraq, from Atlanta Georgia to Tbilisi Georgia there are genocidal conflicts all drowned out by the sounds of the locusts.  The Kings of Pain enacting their tortures globally have reinforced the Weeping Chamber where true Christians are amassing.

Never in history have earths hot spots been so visible. The sounds of locusts like the screaming cries of the victims are being drowned out by the media who miserably fail to criticize these Kings of Pain. From Europe to US to Israel to the very doors of the United Nations, these purveyors of death mimic the actions of prior Kings.

While these obvious war and famine based agendas kill thousands per day the quiet genocides work in the industrial centers of said territories.  The poisoning of minds under a combination of fear, loathing, medication and self inflicted problems designed to keep our eyes off the ball.  That being the coming of the anti-Christ . The final touches are being set for his arrival. The masters of chaos and falsehoods paving the landing strip for our introduction to the revelation which has come of age. 

One of these include the sacrificial suicides of our service men who have traveled down the road of honor and country with the good intentions that paves all these roads to sedition.   The decision to follow a Zionist ideology as the word of God diverting them so far off course that they cannot find the power to return with his promise of forgiveness. Instead a dead end maze of contradiction and futility from those spewing it’s grandeur and altruism.

The Kings revel in the ease of this manipulation. Meanwhile the majority lumber in a stupor over what to do about it all. From these States of affairs comes more false hope and canned promises to change the outcome of which can only be understood by the true decider. When we close our eyes and ears to these indoctrinated snake oil salespeople then once again we can find our way back to the prophecy of real and everlasting life.


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