McContrary has a short term memory issue.

To think that only yesterday John McCain once again inserted the poorest of judgement with the invitation for Obama in a joint trip to Iraq. (seperate rooms of course) Will this man ever do or say anything that is real, honest or consistent?

Does he or does he not know more about foreign relations and defense than he does economic or domestic issues?  If he doesn’t know the difference between Suni, Shiite or Al Queda, yet claims to know less about economics then I suspect he will be calling nickels dimes.

When is someone on FOX going to say I give up. This guy is in La-La City and even I cannot spew the slightest possible spin to give this man any credibility.

I’ve read all the history here and it ain’t good. Privilege and mediocrity make for a lousy leader. This professional flip flopper is getting the GOP solely on his running mate who like Cheney will rule the roost while the idiot decider stumbles over speeches and trip over his own imperial ego.

The straight talk express runs a contorted and convoluted serpentine rail that can barely be understood. Contrary would describe the initial blather, followed up with a complete turnabout. Much like his flight plans in service.

The latest item for your discernment.


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