Well Big “O”, now it starts getting tough.

Dear Obama thought this was a rough trip, fasten in Big Boy!  Now you will have to negotiate these landmines.

HILLARY – No way Jose! Do not consider her and that baggage Bill for VP.

McCAIN – Look out for Lieberman. Bad news. Going after staunch liberals with easy fear mongering regarding the need to keep Israel full of our tax dollars while fanning the flames of Bomb Iran.

RACISM – Hey Barrack, make your next speech something like this.  “Sorry to Hillary supporters but don’t forget the alternative. Another 5 trillion in debt just on defense alone. And for you Independent and Democratic racists who just can’t vote BLACK, let me propose this. If you elect me and I fall on my face, you can say see we can never entrust America to a black man again and it solves your problem for the future elections. But if I get us out of Iraq and get your job back end up doing good for you, you can tell all your friends you decided to go against your biases and you end up looking like a genius to them.

DIRTDIGGERS – They will be coming out like locust to feed on your carcass.  Get ready to hold your emotions like you did with pastor Wright, even though this assault will be compounded three or four fold.

FOCUS ON A SINGLE ATTACK – Warmongers and National Debt.  These vermin are sucking you dry and putting a lot of it in their own pockets.  They are making themselves rich on your money and giving you and the rest of the world 100% pure misery.  If you listen you can hear them laughing at you too!

NAME THE ATTACK – Kings of Pain.  The Warmongers in the White House, Congress, K Street,  International Corporations.  It’s time for peace. It’s time for change. It’s time for America to focus on America. No more FEAR. REPEAT, NO MORE FEAR.  Were going to fix America, provide for America, save America from the global interests that think we won’t take it back.  WE ARE GOING TO TAKE BACK WASHINGTON and OUR COUNTRY.

THE KINGS OF PAIN will have to go somewhere else. We have Americans to fix, families to fix, roads to fix, schools to fix, health care to fix and those who hurt us will have to leave.

PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES – Most important  Sen. Obama, protect yourself. Just like the USA, if we don’t protect America, America can’t protect the world.

NEVER ACT LIKE THE SWINE AND SERPENTS YOU ENCOUNTER – Stay on the high ground.  You may be alone for awhile but let the others sabotage themselves. Learn from Hillary. Her and Bill lost it all by themselves.

PRAY EVERY DAY – It can never hurt.



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