Yes, the best die young.

I haven’t been as sad at the passing of anyone since Anwar Sadat until Tim Russert. Not only was I a Meet the Press Junkie,but a lifelong fan of the man.  Blue collar class all the way was Russert. An every man’s man who earned his way not on privilege or plot but on the work ethic and ability to talk to Popes, Kings and the trash collectors in Buffalo.

When the name Russert came up, everyone shuddered if called to be on his show for they knew they were going to get the full frontal interview of the most prepared man on television. They also knew that he was going to confront them in a way as to never be underhanded but as directly blunt and concise from a host with the ammunition of their entire history presented to them on transparent platter.

Those who followed Russert already knew the merits of this mans moral upbringing.  From Big Russ to Moynihan, he had the best role models. It seems though that even without them, Russert would have ended up with the same fan base of friends and admirers that we know were devastated at his untimely death.

I, for one feel a terrible sense of loss as if he were a brother or good friend. But more than that it is the loss of the kind of men we need more of in the Washington sector.  Ones that make us secure in knowing they still exist. When we look back at the acme in journalism we will be reminded that Russert all too short time here was long enough to make him one of those who worked tirelessly and honestly in a field he loved and that did it with credibility and integrity. That makes him one of the greats.

I will miss this man every week.



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