Joseph Lieberman still holds a top rank within the Senate Democratic Caucus as chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. The Senate Democratic Steering Committee needs to know just how much of a conflict of interest this is.

Imagine the war hawk for McCain -Bush war still heading this position whilst he declares an attack on the U.S. within a year.  Now we can start to get the whereabouts of the intelligence Congress was given prior to the Iraqi Invasion.

Lieberman heads the list of conspirators, followed bt the NEW AMERICAN CENTURY, TRILATERAL COMMISSION, JINSA, AIPAC, The Carlyle Group, AEI and the CIA and Mossad who are contriving intelligence, undermining foreign policy,  effecting counter intelligence to destabilize and lying to Congress and the American people.

Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Richard Perle, Michael Leeden, Madeline Albright, Richard Armitage, Paul Volker and a host of current administration cronies all slipping in and out of these “stink tanks” and commissions with a single minded agenda. A US and Israeli takeover of the entire Middle East. Once in control of the vast wealth and power, they will leave the U.S. permanently damaged and bankrupt.

They will move their vast wealth and bounty to Dubai and leave America a third world country, dangling for it’s very survival. Enter the North America Union, where immigration gone wild and most Americans will become part of the “service based economy.”  Yes maids and waiters.

Wake up America. Vote for peace. Fire half of Congress next election. Just look at their votes for war, bad immigration, FISA, and special interests and PAC involvement and fire them!   START TODAY BY FIRING LIEBERMAN.  Just follow the link.


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