The Neo-Politan Christian

What happened to the so-called Christians of yesteryear.  Lately it appears that we have the NEO-CHRISTIAN. Quite a unique phenomenon.  The once Vanilla Christian who opposed war to the point of waiting for the absolute worst scenario. Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust and invasion of Nazi-Germany were at least a provocation that forced them to make the toughest choices. Some which came after the fact.

Now we have the Strawberry Christian. This one claims to be a pro-lifer but supports the death penalty. This variety also claims to be the moral decider. Whether from the pulpit, political or editorial avenue they drive the opinion of American righteousness to ad-nauseum.  They worship wealth, power, patriotism and their own ego’s, while cohorting with the most unseemly group of characters. They would like the state to abolish free-will and the pursuit of happiness and prevent abortion while they complain about paying another nickel out of their pockets to pay for the costs of educating and providing for these fatherless and likely motherless children. Meanwhile flipping the switch at your local Penitentiary and killing their brother doesn’t exclude them from the Pro-Life ranks.  The death of thousands of Iraqi youth wouldn’t raise the issue at their local PL meetings either.

If this isn’t bad enough we can count on this Neo variety to deviate completely from the concepts of Christ’s teachings. This Chocolate blend adds all the additional sins to their R’epertoire. This includes the pride and wrath. It includes utter hatred for those of any religious sect who oppose the idea of pure peace which Jesus taught cannot be found without putting God before insatiable wealth, power,  ego, lust, and anger.  We have heard it so often. Some of these characters include GW BUSH, McCAIN, REV WRIGHT,  PASTORS PARSLEY and HAGEE, REV JACKSON ,SHARPTON and PAT ROBERTSON.

The entire Neo-Conservative wing has no business even including the word Christian in these endeavors of war and wealth. I can say that we Christians in progress have to ask ourselves one question before we act or speak. What would he think? I don’t believe a HAIL MARY cuts it.


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