F.E.M.A. says they ordered large aluminum coffins


FEMA, the Government and Gulfstream decided the 50,000 coffins would come in handy. As Arlington Cemetery has become quite crowded, these $10,000 mausoleums would be an effective way of housing the dead from Katrina as well as future casualties from the illegal Iraqi war.

Several ideas come to mind.

Fill the coffins with thousands of innocent Iraqi’s killed during this atrocity. They are stackable.

Offer them to the MUSLIM EXTREMISTS for their getaway trips to Jerusalem.

Force Congress to meet in them until they can manage to pass a meaningful bill on immigration, mortgage crisis, health-care and redeployment.

Instead of the Medicare bill, just put the seniors in the new Gulfstream Medical Plan.

It’s just full of possibilities, I must say.  I must also say again that FEMA once again confirms that it is the biggest failure in American History as a federal organization of Aid. 



3 Responses

  1. Nice post. Interesting comments about an absurd situation. It’s funny how we see other governments as illegitimate and corrupt, but seldom notice that ours is also this way.

    Thank you very much for NOT talking about concentration camps. I have had it up to here with conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. Unlike Alex Jones, your comments make sense, use literary devices and are actually clever. I noticed that Alex Jones cites several “news sources”–he claims that 500,000,000 coffins have been ordered. So I guess he just has bad eyes and added three zeros. An honest, inconsequential mistake, I’m sure. Oh yeah and the coffins he shows are made of plastic and not aluminum. A simple mistake of science, I’m sure. But if you ask him, he’s got the truth… except he got it from news sources… so who’s got the truth? Well, frankly, I DO NOT think it’s Alex Jones.

  2. Hi Phil

    Thanks for your comments. Though, I feel conspiracy has been around as long as prostitutes, I can not stomach Alex Jones constant blathering. Like Rush and others they have an agenda of their own. A conspiracy, likely. What I simply believe is in a conspiracy of organized crime. What was once the Mafia, Cosa Nostra, etc is now Washington and K street.
    America is for sale and the Grab Bags are like that of the Oscars. The celebrities get a great assortment of fine gifts. Remember? Now the Congress gets the same. Unfortunately, it is our TAX DOLLARS. Have a joyous season.


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