The Greedy Eight (G-8)

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States

Current 2008 G8 Agenda – (their version) Africa and Millenium Development Goals , Environment and Global Climate change among other agenda topics. It is appropriately named millennium as to indicate the time frame they will get anything done about Africa’s serious problems.

Reality 2008 G8 Agenda

(1.) Protecting The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, a joint venture of

BP (United Kingdom): 30.1%
State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) (Azerbaijan): 25.00%
Chevron (USA): 8.90%
StatoilHydro (Norway): 8.71%
Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortaklığı (TPAO) (Turkey): 6.53%
Eni/Agip (Italy): 5.00%
Total (France): 5.0%
Itochu (Japan): 3.4%
Inpex (Japan): 2.50%
ConocoPhillips (USA): 2.50%
Hess Corporation (USA) 2.36%

Human rights violations exposed in this pipeline.

(2.) Develop The Haifa-Kirkuk Pipeline –



Closed pipelines and the results that have pushed oil prices up with the underlying agendas for Israeli-Iraqi oil

It is apparent that forces are keeping these pipelines from flowing to pursue another agenda. This literally expresses the Iraq war Americans die for and the innocent civilian deaths that total over one million casualties. All for Oil.  Who stands to gain from blowing up the existing pipelines and destabilizing Iran and Syria. Jordan as well is a key player in this conspiracy.

So why are we at G8? Human Rights and Global Warming? I doubt they had time to discuss it after dealing with destablization, invasion, alternate pipelines and banking their future carbon emissions.

What stands in the way is Syria, Iran, Armenia, Afghanistan and Jordan who see another shifty, ruthless and greedy opportunity for additional war, politics, human rights violations perpetrated by Big Oil, Israeli and US Government behind the curtain of Globalization.


3 Responses

  1. greedy? OK

  2. This country should have no interest in oil. Silly nonsense about Israel. You lost me.

  3. It surprises me when I get comments regarding Israel. We look at the world with rose colored glasses when it comes to patriotism. Some think I am anti-american, anti-semitic or something worse. I was born in Miami Florida in the mid fifties. My childhood friends were jewish, cuban and european. Today, my three closest friends are jews. There will never be any anti-semitism in my heart. Ther will however be the same criticism to the Israeli government as I have for the US, British, Canadian, Iranian and Chinese. They share equal opportunity to be infested with the war for profit, false faith conspirators to keep humanity from moving forward in a manner that is consistent with all common threads that run through the tapestry of all the worlds major religions. Power and Wealth are their religions and it is clearly present in every major government. I cannot confirm this argument with blind patriots, zionists, white supremists, terrorists and hatemongers. I appreciate the comments always but if I get labeled anti-semitic or anti-american it comes from good people who may have some hipocracy issues. The fundamentals of my Christianity are clear. I hate nobody. I am pro-life and that includes the death penalty. War, no matter how justified, is a crime against god. I will not, nor ever support them in any way.

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