Yes I whine, I’m angry and I got my stimulus stipen but I am not buying a gun.

Sunday Meet the Press just misses the mark.  I had time to think about Tim Russert and then my thoughts went to Joseph Patrick Dwyer.  Monday, as I fantasized about an impeachment hearing with the dirty dozen all in attendance, the postal service delivered my skimpulus payment. Six hundred Federal Reserve notes. A FIAT FORGERY FOR TENDER.  HUSH MONEY!

After checking it for Anthrax, I put it with a few other checks I would be depositing and continued to seethe silently over the state of affairs in my mind.  It occurred to me to send $50 and sympathy card each of the dirty dozen as a contribution to their legal defense fund. Maybe I will hold it for 364 days and deposit it.   I could update my wardrobe with impeachment hats and t-shirts but I already have enough that are well worn and comfortable as you know I have been promoting impeachment since 2003. How time flies when you are totally consumed with anger.

Getting to reality I would normally take a bribe like this and give to my charities. I was active with Darfur, Feed the Children and some other International Relief Orgs, but a colleague referred me to charitywatch and I was so depressed with what I saw I scratched them all off the list. I must find a new charity. Some ideas have come to mind.

  • The Nancy Pelosi SPINE RESEARCH Fund
  • The Karl Rove Soul TRANSPLANT Fund
  • CONSTITUTIONITIS – The search for a cure
  • McCain Brain Institute – The search for intelligent life
  • Wallstreet Make a Wish Hedge Fund
  • FEMA – For Ethical Misappropriation of Assets
  • THE ROTUNDA BLUNDAH FUND – “Send a kid to Congress to learn self defense”
  • The MEDIA-MAGIC Foundation – Feeding the world by not reporting the starving and dead.
  • THE SIERRA FUND – “Green by Eugenics”
  • THE POTOMAC FUND – Better Living through K Street
  • UNITED WAR WAY – A Joseph Lieberman Endowment

Today I am angry. Tomorrow I will whine and Wednesday I will deposit my Skimpulus check and do more research. Good day.


2 Responses

  1. Well, I did buy a gun with mine. A 40 caliber Glock semi-automatic with rubber grips, night sights and two extra magazines. Never can tell when some progressive pervert might breach the perimeter and wind up an organ donor.

  2. This is brilliant stuff. I hope you are getting paid elsewhere for stuff like this. RS

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