Free Beer Tomorrow – Or on the horizon

4th Quarter – 2 minute warning

As we wind down in this exciting and competitive administration, it is hard to find the scoreboard. We have seen a miserable performance by GOP administration and Democratic Congressional leadership.  The fouls on both sides were too numerous to review. The fans have all but left the stadium.  This is trash time when the Bush administration is trying to score a meaningless touchdown. So let’s just go right to the miserable highlights, shall we?


Ist Quarter

  • Bogus election 2000 – GOP 7  DEM 0  (play reviewed – 1st down)
  • Florida Vote replay shows personal foul. (Supreme Court officials missed the call)
  • Coach Cheney runs ENRON DEFENSE – (Loophole formation)
  • 911 – GOP 14  DEM 0  (Misdirection play. Play was reviewed)
  • Coach Cheney calls ‘Patriot Act’ play – (1st down)
  • FISA play – (illegal procedure)
  • GOP calls ‘Statue of Liberty’ play and plans Iraqi invasion (trick play planned in training camp – 1st down)
  • Coach Cheney states, he has many trick plays in the game plan.  (DEM’s claim training camp spying)
  • RB Gonzales avoids Geneva Convention Rush and passes long to War Crimes Act – (1st down)
  • Secret Torture sites play – (illegal procedure) –  END: GOP 14  DEM 7

2nd Quarter

  • Yellow Cake, Aluminum tubes, Curveball (incomplete pass – loss on play)
  • Plame bomb play – QB Sneak play  (clipping penalty – loss of down)
  • Torture Play –  Abu Ghraib (personal fouls for roughing GOP-DEM, offsetting penalties)
  • Enron run – 1st down
  • Iraqi Invasion play – HJR114 Defense fails to hold the line – GOP 21  DEM 7  (DEMs pass on review)
  • Slam Dunk (1st down) –  END: GOP 21  DEM 7
  • HALFTIME- GOP 21  DEM 7 (halftime show includes detainee cheerleading team forming a pyramid and John Kerry catches Frisbee in mouth)

3rd Quarter

  • GOP wins Election on coin toss – scores on “Values”  – GOP 28  DEM 7
  • QB John Ashcroft injured during play. Replaced by QB Alberto Gonzales
  • Asst Atty General Daniel Levin injured during play
  • GOP uses CIA fake sweep to destroy torture tapes (1st down)
  • Katrina – GOP 28 DEM 14  (BUSH/FEMA fumbles)
  • GOP gets Military Commissions Act  – GOP 31 DEM 14 (torture posession continues)
  • Coach Cheney pulls a “Woody Hayes” and shoots player (loss of down)

4th Quarter

  • 2006 Election – GOP 31 DEM 17 (multiple DOJ players ejected)
  • Coach Chaney replaces Quarterback Gonzales with Mukasey
  • Mortgage Meltdown Melee – fans riot (fouls called on GOP and DEM)
  • Mortgage Bailout play – GOP 34 DEM 17
  • Stimulus Package – GOP 34 DEM 20
  • Articles of Impeachment formation – (play goes for no gain)
  • Subpoena Sweep Play – (defended for no gain. play reviewed)
  • FISA Immunity Play – GOP 41 DEM 20

As this games winds down, no one wants to make any mistakes as there are draft choices in play. Just some showboating at this point.  I have not seen a worse played game or officiating this bad in my lifetime. Good day Sports Fans.


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