Bad Dream #947





Tim Russerts body was exhumed – (EP)  Pathologists find several chemicals in high doses. These compounds included Simvastatin, Cerivastatin and Warfarin in excessive quantities.  Medical experts including pathologists and pharmacologists agree that the condition of Russert’s enlarged heart and his intima-media atherosclerosis was subject to a torpedo effect in the form of a Thromboembolism that traveled from his heart to his left anterior descending coronary artery.


The combination of these substances acted as a drain cleaner to remove the soft plaque, scar tissues and other fragmentation’s to form the major clot. Though Russerts medical family history and the overall condition of Russert’s disease was well managed, the combinations of these high chemical doses triggered an coronary episode that could not have been predicted at the time of emergency treatment and the attempts to resuscitate and defibrillate.


The matter has been turned over to authorities for further investigation.  They will seek to review his medication history and how these compounds found their way into his system. An additional autopsy of stomach contents will be performed. Sources confirmed that Russert was exercising vigorously on a treadmill earlier the day of his death and that was a added factor to the event that occurred.


Speculation is already swirling around the conspiracy community as to who might benefit and what would motivate the possible foul play.  Russert was in the center of the Valerie Plame Affair and the subsequent indictment, conviction and sentence commutation of Lewis “Scooter” Libby.  Executive orders 12958 and 13292 have effectively eliminated Congress from getting to the matters of the intelligence used by the White House to justify pre-emptive invasion of Iraq. The release of information from informant “CURVE BALL” and other revelations regarding the weak or non-existent intelligence have been circling the Internet.


  • Was Russert privy to some deep throat and was he investigating some source for information regarding areas of intelligence or the lack thereof to justify the actions of the administration to perpetrate a knowingly false campaign in regards to Saddam Hussein, Iraq, WMD, biological weapons and links to Al-Qaeda?
  • Was this discussed with the administration and the Vatican during the Papal visit?
  • Was Russert poisoned during his time in Italy?
  • What was discussed during his trip abroad?
  • Is there a reason why the we are going to a national health medical database and does that become a decider in how you are terminated?

  • Was there some plans for Russert to interview strategic players and deliver a knock out blow?

  • Did this send the message to others that may have been coming forward that they can get to anybody?

  • Was Tim a sacrificial lamb?


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