Election 2008 – Final Answer!

Yes. After two years of the most repugnant displays of political jockeying, cheap shots, fake smiles, pastors and prostitutes, I have crashed.  What used to be a decent hard drive located between my ears has had a fatal error.  No more rebooting, no more GIGO and no more defrag.  I had posted earlier in the primaries that if you thought Clinton-Obama race was a heap of steaming S–t, that it would pale in comparison to the pathetic, so far from sublime stool laid out in the road by these two campaigns in their quest for the grand prize.

When Jack Cafferty asked the question “Are you Politiked out?” I had to respond with a wholehearted ‘Yessireebob.’  I liken it to having to sit through the end credits of a very bad movie.


Heavens Gate, four hours of the most hideous plot and dialogue. I left before the end credits and had to carry my date out.  She had expired two hours and forty five minutes into that epic. As I see it now, that was the OBAMA-CLINTON primary.

Now we are into Ishtar, McCain & Obama and the two down and outs are bad actors, not singers and songwriters and they are crawling through the middle east desert of bad policy and bankrupt ideology, landscaped by horrible media plot lines.

Before I get to watching the third feature, Looking for Mr. Goodbar, I have made the decision to vote for the prohibition party candidate, Gene Amondson. Now I can tune out, replace the hard drive and focus on the challenge of day to day Bush economics.  I might have time to go down to the local petrol palace and enjoy breathing the fumes of what I can’t afford to buy any longer.

Oh yea, and I am going to start drinking again. No offense Gene!


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