Mapping McCain’s DNA


Thanks to many folks coming out to speak of their time with John McCain, there are some points that keep coming out.

  • He was a below par student
  • He was at the bottom of his class at the Academy
  • He was a hot shot admirals son
  • He crashed and burn numerous million dollar fighter jets
  • He was given special treatment as POW due to his family connections
  • He was and is a gambler
  • Apparently craps was his choice
  • He has been described as a womanizer
  • He has a bad temper
  • He has ‘Nixon’esque paranoia
  • He has friends like Pastor’s Hagee and Parsley
  • His wife sells booze to fraternities
  • There is checkered past with savings and loan debacle of the eighties
  • He is a huge supporter of AIPAC and Lieberman
  • He has talked about winning a war? What could he possibly be talking about?
  • He takes as much Lobby money as anyone yet talks about fiscal responsibility
  • His claim to fame is experience. So was Senator Stevens.

When looking at his DNA,  (Demonstrated National Accomplishment) I have to suggest we look at the [Why?] Chromosome.  I just can’t see it with Senator McCain. Someone clue me in?


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