McChip off the ol’ Bloc

He undoubtedly has George Bush’s sense of humor. The kind I never get. John McCain has strategically pinpointed the dots that connect him to the Military Industrial Corporatist Bloc.
Without the slightest effort he speaks high but lives so low. 

His energy policy consistent with the Bush Oil Boys that has no chance of affecting the current crisis but steadily he pushes the agenda of Cheney. Drill Drill Drill.  They sit on leases for years, while knowingly planning a twenty year plan to alienate what foreign policy we had with the middle east. From Nixon to Papa Doc Bush to Baby Doc Bush, they have with the collaborative efforts of the Kissinger – Cheney CFR, perpetrated the most elaborate scheme to leave us so high and dry we are willing to become participants in this path to world domination by this Bloc.  These Scabs have had their way too long. Now they want to drill and sell it to us at $5.00 a gallon. The call for an energy plan came in 1976, remember?

McCain’s own people are telling him to distance himself from Bush.  We know that can only mean that he should do what the Brinks Robbers did. They distanced themselves until the heat cooled off. Once done they would rejoin to divvy the proceeds. If Cheney isn’t invited to the convention it’s because he getting ready to run and if Bush gets the cold shoulder you then should begin to worry. 

I would suggest that Bush and Cheney are feeling a little uneasy with the recent publications “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder” by Vincent Bugliosi and “The Way of the World” by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind who is claiming what I knew three years ago being that Cheney ordered it after his personal visit to the CIA. It was one of seven different projects that went along with the yellowcake and aluminum tubes.

McCains camp is starting to smell the stink of a rotting carcass.  The Maverick Harley man making his appearance at Sturgis trying to pawn his pathetic wife off as a party girl is really typical shit from a critically flawed candidate. Along with a low intelligence and an agenda that he sees through such a distorted sense, he continues to embarrass America as we were with the likes of the Cocaine party boy Bush. I can hardly wait to find out who he will choose to Cheney his Bloc.


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