NWO Order Gestapo shoot Mayors dogs and terrorize family

Take a good look my friends at what is coming around the corner. Thanks to Bush politics, the 911 set up, Homeland Security policies, FISA and the media fear mongering you will begin to see the growing examples of unconstitutional Marshall Law and Homeland Terrorism.  This SWAT team from Maryland is likely an array of Skinheads, Blackwater washouts and assorted killers in a feeding frenzy.

They make no apologies, show no remorse, and care nothing about who or what gets in the way. Check out this trigger happy bunch.

Miami Gestapo terrorizes female attorney and laughs.

South Carolina Nazi’s like women….Down on the ground

Louisiana Nazi on Steroids

Just a few of hundreds of cases. These Nazi brewed variety are all on steroids, cocaine and other contraband. Generally alcoholics with serious mental disorders. Many are Armed Forces washouts, Blackwater wannabees and social misfits. Psycops for the government NWO forces to help get us all in FEMA Camps when they really decide to pull the plug. Katrina was a perfect example of the experiment.

See the FEMA CAMPS here.


4 Responses

  1. Well, what about the millions of caskets in Georgia and Texas and all the gangstalking that goes on that the police and firemen are in on as well as psychiatirsts and a lot of others.

  2. What about the satanic hand signals that President Bush and Laura use and many others, singers, rappers, actors, even television preachers. What is going on with that?

  3. Good point. I lived in fear in Florida. My mortgages deeds and bank records were deleted. I was being investigated because of my website. IP spoofed, phished and home invaded. They drugged my dogs, searched and stole documents. My phones have been tapped for years and forced me to flee to the mountains where they cannot get by neighbors, cameras and have no access. 911 was inside job to solve two problems. Get us into middle east conflict permanently and create the terror state for FISA, HOMELAND SECURITY and MARSHALL LAW. The open borders was intentional and they welcomed the terrorists, drug dealers and European/S. American Mafias to help support the fear mongering and thus the need for this Gestapo Police action. I know gangstalking first hand and about the coffins, as I stated in the “Assent Breif” filed at the Library of Congress, the next attack would happen before the election. It would be biological and it will kill ten fold the Sept. 2001 numbers. I would happen in Florida, Texas or a southern state and will guarantee a McCain election win and a pre-emptive strike against Syria and Iran, the remaining pieces of the Middle East Risk board.
    China will back us when Russia makes it’s move to avoid US/European control. The caskets I was told by a friend in Hurrican Center Miami (my hometown) that I have 70% on hurricane prediction for the last six years. My predictions for 2008 have been near perfect as you can see from my blogs from May 2008. He said if my saffir ratings and predicitions come true, we could see another Andrew and Katrina in a sigle storm. Maybe those guys are reading my predicitions that I send them. I mentioned Alex Jones and the coffins and he said they may be for this perfect storm I predicted. He does not think theres any conspiracy. I love him and I said please, just have your boat ready to go. I have mine.

  4. The Hook em Horns sign has been around since the inception of U of Texas and openly displayed. Started by a cheerleader Harley Clark at the university in 1955. The Manu Cornuto goes futher back and used to communicate communion among Satan Worshipers and even Vampire cults. Hellen Keller was likely the first to use the similar gesture for ” I love you” with extended thumb. I don’t really spend to much time with all the nuances of this crap but I have read some Tex Marrs material and it seems odd the characters often displaying the ” I love you Satan” corna. Folks from the Queen Mother, Prince William, George, Laura and Bushettes, Putin, Ahmadinejad, Sarcozy, Arafat, Brown and many other political figures. I personally feel it represents the goatshead which represents the false religion of judaism. The goatshead was to wash away the their sins The Horned God Azazel was actually a divine redeemer who took human sins upon himself and atoned for them by his exile and/or death (Leviticus 16:20)
    These false Jews or (Khazars, Illuminati, Freemasons) who own the wealth and want to control all power, use it to represent the anti-(Christ) theology. Thats why they speak of God. Example George Bush, McCain or Obama say God Bless America. Never will you hear Jesus Christ mentioned. They are or are in league with this Anti-Christ sect masquerading as Christians and Hebrews. Whose the God they speak of? Likely Satan but we know they don’t want pure or devout Jews, Christians or Muslims to continue to exist. How unfortunate for many of us.

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