Why has Congress agreed to a new US Depression?

And who’s leading the charge?

  • Nancy Pelosi – Time for a new book. No time and no leadership to get bi-partisan energy plan, corporate tax loopholes closed. ICE speculators, Mortgage relief bill etc.
  • George Bush – Hoover from hell. Wheres the Mexican Repatriation program George?  We already have the shanty town. It’s called New Orleans.
  • The New Deal – Federal Reserve will buy stock and start commodity speculation. Oh wait they already deal in derivatives.
  • No energy policy plan since Gerald Ford.
  • Failure by Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II.
  • Continuous loss of tax revenue from Corporate and Top earners which has never trickled down Ronnie?
  • Immigration economic black hole left unchecked for twenty years
  • Wall-Street rolling the dice with Americas savings and pensions through brokers and banks. Someone needs to babysit them.
  • The American people. If they spent three days in a class on investing, saving and what to watch out for could save themselves years of misery in Real estate, Credit and Investment scams that get larger and larger simply because the perpetrators don’t get prosecuted and the rewards are so large.
  • The FED has been printing money based upon invisible assets. Then they lend it, collect the interest and own the debt. One day they will declare bankruptcy and China will bail them out. Or have they already?
  • Our politicians love the Chinese model of how to control a billion people on two dollars a day and they want to try it here

Aren’t they wonderful. Go Obama, we can hardly wait for your imput.


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