Facts for your Funeral



Quick facts that you will find useful before you die…….

  • The fall of the Soviet Union was a bankruptcy. The Rothschild banking consortium helped bail them out. Russia paid them off with Drugs sales, Slave trading, and American and other foreign aid which was put on your credit card.
  • The US even paid millions to scientists not to sell nuclear knowledge or WMD to the countries Bush wanted to invade. Many of these scientist didn’t have the knowledge or experience but you paid them anyway. This amounts to two billion over the the decade following the collapse.
  • In 2004 Bush cut all aid because Russia wouldn’t support his illegal invasion of Iraq.
  • Putin was destined and groomed for the rebuilding of the soviet bloc
  • The US and Israel has trained, planned and executed the Georgians for this conflict
  • The Buka-Tiblisi pipeline was the reason we have catered to Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan
  • Russia is out of this loop. They have pipeline from Baku as well.
  • Georgia has left Russian influence and that means the US gains a Cuba position in the region
  • The missile defense debacle hasn’t helped and Bush trying to ram the Georgia NATO deal is fuel on the fire.
  • Mr. Putin, saying the defense system would fuel a new arms race, has even threatened to aim Russian missiles at the system, while also offering the use of a substitute system in Azerbaijan doesn’t meet the liking of the IMC who wants another windfall in a new arms race.
  • George Bush is deaf and dumb. The voice and words he utters are from someone else.
  • A lame duck bully, who illegally invades anther country (Iraq) cannot tell Puti-poot what he can and cannot do.
  • Russia will consume Georgia and planned to consume other ex-Soviet blocs as well as Afghanistan and will draw the line in the sand.
  • The information you get on US media, stink tanks like Brookings, AEI, PNAC, Rand and others is 100%, and I mean 100% happy horse shit.
  • Reagan was the worst President since Wilson. George Bush has set the new bar.
  • The think tanks, CFR, Bilderberg, Israel and the Bush family have run this country, hand picked the presidents since Carter, and plotted Kennedy assassination.
  • There is global resistance to this NWO and this plan. Mideast and Eastern Europe will defend with annihilation if necessary, as they should, as you would.
  • Nearly a third the revenue (including FICA, income tax,  luxury tax, transfer tax and excise tax) is embezzled, extorted and squandered. This figures to approximately a trillion dollars.
  • You are paying taxes to be murdered. Congratulations.

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