Georgia? Khazars come rolling along

In 1994 when I first wrote of the 180th degree and the fall of the Soviet Union as an event that would not benefit the ‘Free World’, I used the terms Mafia and Fascist state. The simple issue would be the large number of Black Market criminal forces both internally and externally that would rush for political power. Whether you look at Gorbachev and Yeltsin as basically positive figures in the transitional efforts of the bloc, it was only a matter of time before they became the Neo-Fascist democracy that we find here at home. The stunning thing to me was the speed in which it occurred.

Basically the Khazar’s from Russia and Eastern Europe divided into Christian and Judaic philosophies. This writer is certain that their migration was a grand scheme to divide and conquer. The key point is that they are single minded whether professed Christian, Muslim or Jew. They do not fight each other. They simply control the states in government, military, financial and autocratic positions of influence. They work in the stink tanks and have been groomed through the schools of higher learning from where the indoctrination of the globalization ideology is taught. You can get this information from good texts.

Interesting Map of Khazaria during their power in 600-850ce (click to enlarge)

When looking at the situation that has plagued the cause of peace over the last thousand years, you can take these assumptions biblically or historically and simplify your assertions.

  • Khazar’s were hunnic or Huns (Attila as an example) whose armies consisted of Asian and European Nomads, Gypsies and horsemen who were Turkic, Mongolian, Hungarian, etc.
  • They battled east and west with success and once they were defeated, filtered into what is now Russia, Western Europe and China and subsequently throughout the world today.
  • They adopted Judaism, Christianity and Islam had tribal conflict within the empire
  • They also had some victories and then defeats against the Persian and Byzantine (Muslim and Roman)
  • A Georgian tradition, echoed in a chronicle, also identifies the Khazar’s with Gog and Magog, stating they are “wild men with hideous faces and the manners of wild beasts, eaters of blood”.
  • Some Muslim scholars including Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi and Tibri believe the Qur’anic Gog and Magog are intended to be the Mongols. The Mongols were a serious threat to Muslim power during the Middle Ages, attacking Muslim civilizations, and eventually destroying the Abbasid caliphate in Baghdad and the Khwarezmian Empire of Central Asia.
  • According to one modern theory of dispensationalist Biblical hermeneutics, Gog and Magog are supposed to represent Russia. The Scofield Reference Bible’s notes to Ezekiel claim that “Meshech” is a Hebrew form of Moscow, and that “Tubal” represents the Siberian capital Tobolsk. Taken to mean by some Dispensationalist theology that Russia is the Giant, ‘Gog.’
  • ‘Magog’ (also G.H.W. Bush’s skull and bones name) could represent the US and Christian Zionist nation.
  • Since the fall of Khazar Empire, the scattering of the forces have moved throughout the world.
  • They have mingled, married and metastasized into the governments and businesses we now must endure.
  • They make the wars, hold the economies, dictate the terms, present the intelligence, market the media and use the populations to do their bidding.
  • This bears the mark of Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Queens, Presidents, Institutions (CFR-BILDERBERG), Popular Religious Evangelists, Business leaders and elite wealth unknown to the public.


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