Can McCain really know his own mind?

Who’s really running this man?  Cindy? No, she’s got the look of someone who doesn’t really have a whole lot on the ball.  That’s what worries me. Was this marriage planned and arranged once he returned from his MK Ultra programming in China? I think yes.

Parsley, Hagee? No, they don’t have the power they did ten years ago. The Evangelical lost Falwell and that hurt. Along with the failure of Bush and his so called ‘ faith-based initiatives. They have supported genocidal war in Iraq but are laying low due to popular opinion of this war criminality carried out by the administration.

Why are the pundits saying if McCain picked Lieberman, it would alienate the right? We know that Joe would have us killing everyone who wasn’t Jew or Christian. That should make these Neo-Zionists happy. Even if he is pro-choice, what would Lieberman as VP be able to do with that issue? Does Lieberman/AIPAC have McCain on a short leash?

Bush, Cheney and IMC clan have his undying military support. What does Mit Romney bring to this equation? He carries some swing states? Nothing else that I can see. There is no good choice for McCain. Only good choices for Neo-Cons and the top 1%.

If the choice is made by them, then we can expect the likes of Ridge, Jindal, Cantor or some other lackluster man. Sarah Palin and Meg Whitman could be a surprise. I would suggest he do so but doubt the GOP is looking for this. A rumor regarding Gates is as frightening as Lieberman. So who is going to make up his mind? That’s the question more puzzling to me. Along with the question: What’s between McCain’s ears?


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