Will Bush and Cheney get their cold war?

  • Question 1:  Will the Bush and Cheney plankton party get their cold war before being ousted?
  • Question 2:  Will Congress and American people get these criminals before they disappear?
  • Question 3:  Can Biden take the initiative to pursue the evidence and will Obama give him the power to do so?
  • Question 4:  Do they have the sense to see the critical importance of detente and repairing the foreign policy that has been decimated by Global Corporatist’s and the IMC?
  • Question 5:  Does the obvious need for two presidents to repair the damage and the decision for Obama to work domestic agenda and Biden the foreign policy agenda click with their plans?

Why would the average American presume that a lame duck administration who has catered to corporate interests and profits while getting us into an unnecessary and overpriced war would not want to leave with an additional conflict or cold war. A final snub of ‘doing the right thing’ and the final payment of an eight year contract to feather his nest.

This re-emergence of the soviet type response should come as no surprise considering the huge intervention by the Bush administration into every aspect of domestic and foreign operations. Never in Soviet history has there been the kind of big brother snooping, spying, collaboration between corporate, Military and so-called intelligentsia that the US Government undertook in 2000.

Does the Obama-Biden ticket come with a voucher for transparency? And with that voucher,does it include no get out of jail free card? I think that the immunity bill should be overturned under the same signing statements and EO’s that Bush and Cheney used to set up these unconstitutional programs in which they could control the reckless and illegal agenda they had planned well before the election.

Good cop, bad cop would be alright by me. Let the Biden Bulldog loose and give him all the tools they had and use them to bring them to justice, sending a clear message to the next group of treasonous globalists who think we are pushovers.  This tandem could prove to be a turning point for the US in a historical diversion from business as usual and a precedent for changing Washington politics to something we can support.


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