McCain picks third wife, er… Vice President.

Well she may be bold, brave and beautiful but she really does not mix with McC-nile.

  • Unorthodox? No it’s not a ploy for the womens vote (not going to work because she is Pro-life)
  • To recreate the ‘Maverick Image?’. Likely, but (not going to work)
  • We need another Oil/Gas candidate like we need a third armpit. (that’s a fact)
  • McCain has a temper and she’s a woman (whoops)
  • McCains a womanizer (temptation)
  • McCain is a bad gambler (bad for all of us)
  • Next to Connecticut, Alaska is the most corrupt state governments in the union (they don’t rank because they rarely get caught)
  • Some say “risky” but like I said, he is a notoriously bad gambler
  • Palin can talk though, and she’s tough so she was likely picked to show well against VP debates
  • Alaska is another world. I know I have family there. (it’s not mainstreet or mainstream America (bad idea there for the GOP)
  • VP choice has never swayed an election but at McCains age it might and Biden could really impact the voters that fear terrorism, which is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the world. (bad choice Mr. McCain)
  • Everyone is focused on experience. I don’t get it. Experienced politicians are the ones who have controlled, screwed up and cheated their way to where we find ourselves now. Let’s elect two shoe salesmen. Could it be worse than this crime spree over the last twenty five years?
  • Meg Whitman would have been better. Ebay is better than Alaska and Gas/Oil.
  • If they rig the election again as they did in “00” and “04” then she will be the pick solely to get the ANWR oil for the continuous plot of the Bush Clan to eventually become the ruling elite and royalty of the New Americas or North American Union. (don’t laugh because it is true)

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