Well bad news meets bad news. It has come so untimely the FAMILY VALUES EXPRESS has landed in Minnesota and all we got was a Lieberman grim reaper speech.

Joe Lieberman has shown that war for Israel is more important than all the Democratic issues he supported along with Obama and sided with McCain who opposes these views.

What came out of his mouth was so typical of a warmonger and so transparent in the typical NEO-CON style. FEAR, FEAR, FEAR.

It occurs to me we could have paid the Taliban to stop growing the Opium and given huge cash gifts to Al-Qaeda and spent billions less than this and been safer. The BLACK PLANKTON strikes again as the ANWR issue tops the Bush-McCain agenda along with the NAFTA super highway and NA UNION.

Lieberman, Bristol Palin and George Bush went a long way to remind us of just what the GOP has degraded to. If the Monegan – Wooten debacle wasn’t bad enough to raise the eyebrows, further investigations may raise more inconvenient truths.

These GOP figures always seem to be in situations where abuse of power is cited or questioned. For eight long years we have seen the abuses. Impeachment is pending these abuses and it seems to be a clear distinction that elitist’s think it a birthright to practice these abuses. We look to history and the multitude of Monarchy’s and the Royal Rulers spewing “Off with their heads”


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