Don’t blame John McCain

Don’t blame John McCain for:

TEMPERAMENT – Many of us have volatile emotions and residual anger from childhood. Maybe we did not want to have to go to private, military or Catholic schools. Maybe we were abused at times in our lives. Maybe we were unloved or even degraded or abused.

SINS – Judge not less ye be judged. Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone. So why would we judge him for his infidelities, womanizing, gambling and drinking habits? We shouldn’t.

MISTAKES – Our mistakes are the important lessons that make us better. Our successes don’t really teach us much. It should teach us humility and gratefulness, but it probably seldom happens.

WEALTH – Experience should have taught us that wealth doesn’t guarantee happiness.  We see the examples all the time. I always refer specifically to lotto winners who have come forward to state that their lives, relationships and well being have been in shambles since winning.

ELITIST-ISM – A product of a lifetime of wealth and privilege without work and/or a lifetime of ego without restraint will lead you to a place far from the reality of the general population and the commonality of the problems of life. 

POLITICS – The very word utters the realm of lies, misinformation and propaganda. Anyone involved in it will succumb to the system to some degree.

AGE – The wisest and most experienced will eventually come to senility, memory issues and poor health

INCARCERATION – It never has shown to me to be a reformer, an epiphany or a positive learning experience for future endeavor.

To blame John McCain for this is irresponsible, hypocritical and mean. What happened to sympathy and understanding? In politics, it is the accepted M.O. that we put forth our worst in the efforts to elect the best. Only in the underworld could we find this kind of irony and continue to parade it through the elections year after year.

No, John McCain is no better qualified to lead this nation than was George W. Bush or most others, but he is qualified to be understood, liked and appreciated.


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